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Eyes For Marcé

Eyes For Marcé

Personal message

My name is Marcé I am a 26-year-old single mom who has astigmatism and nearsightedness since my childhood years.

This is my story. 

My eyes deteriorate every passing year and laser eye surgery can correct my vision.

My last eye test was done in 2017 and my test results were (R) - 3.75 (L) - 4.75 

I have dealt with this since the age of 8, from going to school and not being able to see. My teacher got concerned and contacted my parents and that's when life changed. Along with not being able to see, it was also a massive adjustment to my daily life as well as having to deal with the bullying that came along with it. Four eyes and Harry Potter was the way i was identified. I didn't let it break me as a person, but it would be SO NICE to put it behind me. 

Crazy thing is, ever since i can remember, i always felt like i saw things differently to what others saw. By not being able to identify an object or person standing a meter away from me or not being able to watch a movie without sitting right infront of the screen. Objects that appeared bright and focused to everybody around me, but to me it was faded and blurry. 

Apart from always having to wear glasses or contact lenses for the rest of my life, it has also taken a toll on my self esteem.

Due to my left eye being worse than my right, they are uneven and the left eye pulls more in when i am not wearing my prescription glasses. This makes it a horrible experience for me when i take my glasses off to take a picture because i know I'm going to have two eyes looking at two different directions. I've learned to laugh about that though. 

So for the reason as to why i started this campaign is to see life in full detail. There is alot of things i can't do like everyone else with 20/20 vision, such as driving without glasses, being able to watch a 3D movie with my son without having to wear two pairs of glasses, not having to constantly worry about money for new glasses or contact lenses, being able to wear sunglasses, swimming and being able to see.. And the list goes on. 

Those are just normal things, however medically, the strain on my eyes causes me to have daily migraines to the point where i have been hospitalized. 

Unfortunately, financing was unsuccessful and I cannot afford the costs on my own, so I'm reaching out to others who would find it in their hearts to help me reach my dream of being able to SEE what life has to offer. 

God bless each and everyone who has donated or shared my story. I am beyond grateful.

*Funds raised will be transferred directly to the relevant medical practitioner*


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

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I am a 26 year old single mom who has astigmatism and nearsightedness since my younger years. My eyes deteriorate every passing year and laser eye surgery can correct my vision.