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Help Marchane obtain a Master (Degree)

Help Marchane obtain a Master (Degree)

Personal message

2022 has come and man, can you believe we're already in February!!

Firstly, and cheesy as it may be, I am loving every moment of my master's study, and the ideal of calling myself a master is just sounding sweeter and sweeter! Even through the tears and frustrations that pop in every now and again, this is me, this is my purpose. I have learned so much already, and I'm able to apply it in my personal life, as well as in my practice. I am living my dream, and for that, I thank all of you for your support!   Currently, I have some outstanding debt from 2021 on my account that is putting quite an uncomfortable hold on my registration and, should some funding I could get kick in, 2022 still holds a few challenges.   I have set out to be part of 8% or so that have done this degree in two year. As most people do it in and around 3 - 5 years. But of course, I would like to set myself apart from the rest and get this going. Thus, I've been working on my dissertation etc already from 2021 in between our classes and coursework.   The aim: To finish my dissertation first semester, and do my internship the second semester!   The need: Pay off all outstanding debt to UCT, but also be able to do my internship of 10-12 weeks, which means unpaid 10-12 weeks.   I have worked out a budget for above (welcome to send it to any funders), to achieve and persist with the minimum, and be able to give it my all, from there the estimated goals as set out.   My tentative dissertation title: "An explorative study with gender diverse adolescents in the cape town area and their psychosocial gender affirming needs within their family and school structures."   I am excited for this year, but still do need your help and support in any way possible. You are welcome to donate through Back-A-Buddy, or through a designated Capitec Account: 1608993491.   Thank you for believing in me, and thank you to all the amazing people that have supported me in this endeavour already!!


As I'm busy with some of my last assignments for the year, preparing for the exams, as well as my dissertation etc to follow, I would like to provide an update to everyone who is with me on this journey and has supported me.

My submission for funding for 2022 has been done, and we await patiently. The extra costs that doing this will have, is what these funding options do not cover. My following ask for assistance is for the 10 week internship that I won't be able to work, and have to be fulltime at a psychiatic facility I am placed (of course SUPER excited!), but in doing that I need to ensure that my expenses for that 2 and a half months can be covered. More details in this will come up in 2022 with timelines and a broken down spreadsheet. But, should you wish to still be updated and interested in that journey, please do contact me separately.

For now, I thank you, and am looking forward to finishing 2021's coursework, brain expanding year, and looking forward to research and implementing this in even broader systems.

Should you also be interested in my thoughts for research etc, please have a conversation with me. 

And should you want to see what I am doing, please do check my website at where I run my practice from, and also, at the bottom of the site, share my story through my blogs.

Thank you all for believing in me!


When asked to write about yourself that fear of "what have I done with my life" creeps in. Or that complete blank when someone asks you 5 positive characteristics about yourself. Uhm... pause "I love my cat!?".

In all honesty (and of course complete cheesiness), I have always searched for my purpose in life. Since I was a little kid I wanted purpose. Of course also, as so many people can resonate with, we go and look for purpose in some of the worst places and so our life's journey kinda just go 4 x 4. In my fortunate experience I have come to find "myself" and my purpose in these journeys, and believe me, those 4 x 4 off-road trips still happen. I have a deep need and desire to support/assist people in their journeys, to find meaning, to find hope, and to push through.

I have received my B. DIAC. degree in social work from Huguenot College in Wellington. With an extremely practical approach in our course, I was exposed to a variety of practical environments, from rehabilitation to child welfare, to court cases and even just applications to old age homes. Name it, it has crossed my table from my practical years up to today.

I have worked with many welfare organizations and at a stage decided to take a break and head to the academic side where I trained social auxiliary workers, community development workers as well as lay counselors. It was superb. To facilitate training different groups that will go out and make a difference in their communities. It kinda felt like I was a tool to ignite their passion and fire to go out and do the same.

And then I started missing getting my hands dirty and working directly with clients. I decided to also specialize in the field of substance abuse and worked at an NGO doing an outpatient treatment, where after I also worked in private rehabilitation facilities. In this time I did an Honours degree in clinical social work, specializing in substance abuse. The field is wide and ever-changing. Also in this time, I started registering and setting a foundation for my private practice. 

Then COVID happened where I was at a crossroad since a private treatment centre dependent on international clients had difficulties, and an opportunity to work as a health care worker in this time popped up. I jumped for it and now I'm working as a social worker at a TransHealth clinic, focusing especially on gender-affirming health care and support.

My private practice has also picked up during this time and it does feel my cup runneth over. Not the burning out kind, but that purpose I spoke about.

At the end of 2020, I have also been chosen as one of 8 students in the country to start the Master's in Clinical Social Work at UCT in 2021. Something I dreamt of for so long, and now pending bursary approval, so here's hoping!

As a person myself, I am an introvert, I like spending time alone (with my cat), in my garden, at home, and with people close to me.

I have also been diagnosed with Major Depression and Anxiety disorders and see this as a tool of learning, but also a resonating point with clients. I know. I understand. And there's true hope.

Working more than 20 hours a week counted against me for so many bursaries, and it being a Master's Degree does not meet other funders criteria. So I'm here asking for assistance, in any way possible to cover study fees, resources, books, etc, to try and ACE this.


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  • "So proud of your journey! " - Fatima

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  • "You got this Wolfi. Xx" - Anon

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  • "Wishing you all of the best in achieving your dreams. " - Natalie & Mandy Lyons

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  • "Vat hom, die booswig! " - Ekke

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  • "All the best x" - Siv Greyson

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  • "All the best with your studies " - Cat Bredin

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  • "Time and money spent on education is never wasted. Good luck stranger x" - Carrie Edwards

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  • "All the best for your future studies" - Chantel Mathiesen

  • Mar 28, 2021 - USD $ 33.31
  • "Well done for what you’re doing, please also take care of yourself. It’s a pleasure to support you and cheer you on. " - Hilary

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  • "Met liefde" - D

  • Mar 28, 2021 - R 200.00
  • "Yaaas to making it happen. Xxx" - Jodi

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When asked to write a BIO of yourself that fear of what have I done with my life" creeps in.

Or that complete blank when someone asks you 5 positive characteristics about yourself. Uhm...pause I love my cat.