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Help Marico Academy Primary school build 4 class rooms

Personal message

My name is Annamarie Welman (56) and I live in Zeerust, North West Province. I am raising funds for Marico Academy Primary School in Groot Marico. My husband is a teacher at the school.

We hope to raise funds to build more classrooms and toilet facilities to accommodate the 422 learners to help this school function to its full potential by providing a stable and tranquil environment for the learners.

It is important for a child to feel safe in the school environment and to create a sense of pride for their school.

Breakdown of costs:
Building more classrooms for Marico Academy Primary School
(Currently, have 5 classrooms and 6 temporary structures for 422 children)
The target amount will cover the cost of building 4 classrooms. The current school buildings are not fit for renovation.

Marico Academy is located right next to an informal settlement. The school's learners consist mainly of learners who come from nearby farms as well as those from the informal settlement. 90% of parents are unemployed as work is very scarce in a small town like Groot Marico. So the parents depend on government grants to survive monthly. The circumstances of the learners are appalling. Many, if not most, of the learners only get one meal a day and that is the meal that the school provides them every day. They are also exposed to alcohol and drug abuse and, in many cases, other forms of abuse.

The learner numbers have increased from + - 190 learners to 422 learners in the last 4 years. It is a very old school and has very limited space. Currently, we even use the kitchen, staff room and old garages that have been converted into temporary classrooms to teach the learners. The 109 grade R learners are accommodated in the school hall. Only 5 permanent and 6 temporary classrooms are currently available for education. The school's toilets are horrendous and far too small to handle the number of learners.

The classes are crowded and the space very limited. It degrades the quality of teaching. The school has no sick room at all and no staff room. every corner and space available is used to accommodate learners. The spaces used for classes do not have sufficient ventilation and this creates an unhealthy environment for the learners.

There are 17 teachers, 5 assistants, and 6 admin and NSNP staff. The school requires more or less R800000.00 for the additional classrooms and the ablution area.

By the beginning of 2020, the school wanted to be able to start making additions as a fairly large group of + - 80 new Grade R learners is expected.


  • Aug 29, 2019 - R 101.50
  • "This is for a good cause. Children are our future!!" - Annamarie Welman

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R 101.50

Fundraising target

R 800 000.00

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Annamarie Welman (56) from Zeerust is raising funds to build 4 new classrooms for Marico Academy Primary School in Groot Marico.

The school building is very old and in disrepair and there are currently 422 children...