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Angel Care Foster Home

Angel Care Foster Home

Personal message

Hi, I'm Mariska Nieuwoudt, 26 years old living in Vredenburg.

5 Years ago our doctor told us we will never be able to have our own children unless we go for implants.  We tried all the options, but we were unsuccessful. Because my husband and I were sure we wanted children, even if they weren't ours biologically, we decided to do fostering and we have been blessed with 2 loving boys. One is 4 years old, and our little one is 2 months old.

The baby of 2 months came to us with nothing. Just the one set of clothes he was wearing, 4 nappies and an almost empty can of baby formula.

There are so many kids waiting on their forever home and most places are overbooked and full.

We decided to open a house for kids who have been abondoned and who's mothers abondon them.  We want to offer a safe place, so instead of leaving them under a bush or in pipes, they can bring the babies in and just drop them off, or leave them in front of the facility in a safe place.  In our area for last week alone, 3 babies have been left in the veld and pipes to die. 

We need funds to get all the supplies and food and to help kids who don't have anywhere else to go.

The funds will go towards milk, clothes, blankets, food and supplies needed for the safe home we are creating for kids who don't have nowhere else to go.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Mariska Nieuwoudt Foster Cause

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Hi I'm Mariska Nieuwoudt 26 years old living in Vredenburg.  We started fostering after we were unable to have biological children of our own.  We've decided to open a foster care home, Angel Care, to take care of unwanted and abondoned children who have nowhere else to go.