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Mark and Derrick - 8 Seater Tandem

Mark and Derrick - 8 Seater Tandem

Personal message

Hey everyone, this year, I am joining The Cows again on a crazy mission. Together with my stoker, Derrick and 10 teams of 6 kids, we are riding the 94.7 Cycle Challenge on an 8-seater tandem! You read right! AN 8 SEATER TANDEM!!

As many of you may already know, I am an avid and competitive cyclist, welcoming many challenges on the bike but since Jan 2009, I have faced my biggest challenge yet… road!

I was dignosed with Bladder cancer. After 6 operations and 3 sets of chemo, I have decided that this will not get the better of me. I have sold my business and gone on semi retirement to take care of my health.  Being unable to race as competitively as in the past, I have still managed to complete a few gruelling ‘cycle tours’. These include Tour de Tuli in Botswana, Cape Epic, Namibian Tour and my latest as a marshall in the annual, Enervit sponsored, Standard Bank Cycle for Kids ride from Jhb to Dbn.

Just before last year's 94.7 Cycle Challenge,  I had a chemo series so decided to take part in the race on an ‘easy’ ride in a cow suit on behalf of CHOC. This is a worthy cause close to my heart. Together with the help and support of friends and family, I raised very close to R100 000. YAY!

 How can you help?

This year I'm riding a 8 seater tandem originally built for the Rosenkowitz sextuplet kids 30 years ago. I have managed to track this bike down and it has kindly been loaned to me by Roy Gardner. The idea this year is to take teams of 6 kids aged between 8 - 12 and ride from water point to water point changing the teams at each point.

It is my goal to get each team sponsored by companies, schools, churches etc... as well as by parents and friends of the participating children themselves. One of my companies, Enervit, as started the ball rolling by sponsoring R1000.00 per child. I'm appealing to sponsors to sponsor either myself or a team to raise R500000.00 for CHOC.

Please support me in this awesome challenge!



Team Enervit will be the first of 10 teams of 6 children to ride with Mark and Derrick on the 8-Seater Tandem bike to raise money for CHOC on the 21st November 2010 in the 94.7 CYCLE CHALLENGE.

The team consists of 2 girls; Heather Tanner (9yrs) and Amy Conradie (10yrs) and 4 boys; Joel Combe (9yrs), Cameron Patterson (9yrs), Brent Jamieson (9yrs) and Nicholas Mc Nally (10yrs).

Both Enervit and the children are very proud to be involved in such a worthy cause in raising both awareness and money to help children with cancer.

We thank Mark for the opportunity and salute him for his efforts in this initiative.

We are supporting you all the way!


Name Comment Date Amount
Emma Durdey Go Team Emma Nov 29, 2010 R 500.00
Angie Mintchev Go Team Emma ! Nov 29, 2010 R 4 000.00
MacRobert family You didnt meet the Ridge boys as planned at WP1 last Sunday, but we support your wonderful cause and wish you a strong recovery. Nov 26, 2010 R 1 000.00
Ross Elliot hope you didn't get the bull by the udder brudder............ Nov 22, 2010 R 2 500.00
Wayne Mac Farlane Mark, awesome initiative. Keep inspiring others. Regards, Wayne Nov 21, 2010 R 250.00
Luke aka Big Boy Good luck for the Argus!!!!!! Nov 21, 2010 R 500.00
Poynting Antennas Good luck. Nov 21, 2010 R 8 950.00
Ian Jordaan Good luck Mr Sheriff Nov 19, 2010 R 500.00
The Pallisters Vasbyt!! Nov 19, 2010 R 200.00
Graham and Andrew Best wishes for a wonderful initiative Nov 19, 2010 R 500.00
Shaun Holt all the best Mark Nov 18, 2010 R 400.00
Tekkies & Karen Awsome stuff! Good luck with the 94.7 and your health. Nov 18, 2010 R 5 000.00
Alexander Forbes In support of children with Cancer Nov 18, 2010 R 6 000.00
D&K van der Riet Keep those legs spinning - Choc-lets!! Nov 17, 2010 R 1 000.00
Boris and Ann van der Riet Wishing all the Choc-lets all the best! Nov 17, 2010 R 400.00
Foxy's Foods Great stuff! Have fun!! Nov 17, 2010 R 150.00
Colleen You have my support all the way... Nov 16, 2010 R 300.00
Rory & Mark T Club200 Tour Namibia refunds Nov 15, 2010 R 445.00
Rich and Les Good Luck, behind you all the way Nov 13, 2010 R 500.00
Toyota Cycle Lab Ladies Team and Roy Good Luck Nov 10, 2010 R 1 200.00
Mike Nolden Well done Thomas & James!! Nov 10, 2010 R 250.00
The Bergesen Family Good luck and have fun - Team Choc-Lets! Nov 10, 2010 R 200.00
Astra Group Holdings Great Cause Nov 09, 2010 R 250.00
Dave Moulton I built the 8 seater bike you are using Nov 08, 2010 R 200.00
The Leatherbarrow Family Enjoy the ride!!!! Nov 08, 2010 R 1 000.00
Barry and Sandy If your legs are as good as your will be a good ride. Go Boet. Nov 07, 2010 R 1 000.00
Anonymous very best wishes Nov 06, 2010 R 250.00
Gordon and Barbara Such a great idea. Good luck and hope you enjoy the ride Nov 03, 2010 R 250.00
The Elferink grandparents Good luck to the Choc-let grandchildren and everyone else involved in this wonderful venture. Nov 03, 2010 R 400.00
Joy van Winsen Awesome effort, guys! We will be cheering you on on the day!! Nov 03, 2010 R 500.00
Rory and Sue Attridge Good luck Mark . Keep pedalling that bike , we're all behind you ! Nov 03, 2010 R 1 000.00
Roland Elferink Team Choc-lets Nov 03, 2010 R 250.00
Alex Otto All the best Mark! Nov 02, 2010 R 1 000.00
Henry Fantastic effort Mark/Derek and the Team Oct 28, 2010 R 1 000.00
Andre Less Awesome effort. Well done Mark and Derek. Oct 27, 2010 R 1 000.00
Michael Creedon Mark , Gd luck on the 8 seater , looking forward to seeing you "marshall" that beast . Ride safe . Michael Oct 26, 2010 R 7 000.00
Jobbie Roos Thanks for getting us to Dbn safely, keep it strong. Oct 26, 2010 R 1 000.00
The van der Riet Family So excited to be a part of this. Go team CHOC-let!! Oct 25, 2010 R 5 000.00
Cycle4kids American Auction Cycle4kids Stander & Saucer Top Oct 25, 2010 R 5 550.00
FRANK SPUYT Amazing work Mark! God Bless You. Oct 25, 2010 R 1 000.00
Ian Ferguson Great work Mark, you are one great inspiration!! Oct 25, 2010 R 500.00
Colin Germs Cool! Oct 25, 2010 R 250.00
Joe Keep it up. Oct 21, 2010 R 5.00
Waldek Wasowicz Good luck and thanks for helping us hit the 2h:47 time for the Shova!! Oct 20, 2010 R 1 000.00
Enervit Go Team Enervit! Oct 20, 2010 R 6 000.00
The Hobbs Family A wonderful iniative, well done Oct 20, 2010 R 5 000.00
David Feld Wish I were there to yell you the same manner that you encouraged us! Oct 19, 2010 R 5 000.00
Anonymous Good luck Mark and Derrick - awesome project Oct 19, 2010 R 10 000.00
Tom Reilly Good luck with this initiative Sgt Major, and thx for a great tour to Durbs! Oct 18, 2010 R 200.00
Greg Judin Good luck, Mark - and thanks for an awesome trip down to Durban, sergeant major! Oct 18, 2010 R 500.00
Howard W Good luck Mark! Oct 17, 2010 R 200.00
bottle printers of sa Good Luck and Enjoy the ride!! Oct 16, 2010 R 1 000.00
Ylana Good luck Oct 16, 2010 R 200.00
Roy, Sandra, Marilise & Lama child Gryp die "koei" by die horings!!! Wish you strong legs and a safe ride, love Oct 13, 2010 R 200.00
Berend De Schouwer Ah-one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight Oct 11, 2010 R 1 000.00
Paul MBK Heard of your great efforts on 702 Oct 08, 2010 R 250.00
James & Natalie Parkin Give it horns, Mark! Oct 06, 2010 R 500.00
Russel and Avrona Go for it Mark, we are rooting for you!! Oct 04, 2010 R 500.00
david s best of luck Oct 04, 2010 R 1 000.00
David van Smeerdijk Good Luck Oct 04, 2010 R 200.00
Tom Jaquette Well done Mark! Go get them and don't let go! Oct 03, 2010 R 1 000.00
John Sturgeon Keep it up. You have our support. Sep 30, 2010 R 1 000.00
The Schaffner Family We salute you in your passion for CHOC and support you guys all the way Sep 29, 2010 R 2 000.00
Neil Ponting Look forward to ride, well done! Sep 28, 2010 R 500.00
Andrew Springate Great Cause - Keep it up! Regards Andrew. Sep 28, 2010 R 200.00
Caroline Bergh Keep on pedalling! Sep 27, 2010 R 200.00
UNIVERSAL INDUSTRIES Keep on doing good things in excess and being an Inspiration to All-UNI GROUP Sep 24, 2010 R 2 000.00
Alessandro Bottega You continue to inspire! Sep 24, 2010 R 250.00
Andy Well done Mark Sep 23, 2010 R 500.00
Keri Millar Keep fighting!!! Sep 23, 2010 R 200.00
Sonya, Simon, Tim Proud of you x Go Team Lama! Sep 23, 2010 R 1 000.00
Dawie Nell See you at Suikerbossie Sep 22, 2010 R 500.00
MandyGM Well done Mark and Derrick. Wishing you a fabulous 94.7. Sep 22, 2010 R 200.00
Robert & Jean Frazer Well done Mark. We're proud of you. Sep 20, 2010 R 200.00
Ivan Kruger. Well done Mark (Captain) Sep 20, 2010 R 1 000.00
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Donations to date

R 106 650.00

Fundraising target

R 500 000.00

The Cows 2010 (Terminated see 2011)

The Cows 2010 (Terminated see 2011) Logo

The Cows represent people with a passion for life and a desire to support initiatives that make a difference.  We say … LOVE LIVING LIFE! Have fun whilst making a difference.  If you can associate with this ... Join the Herd Today!

The 2010 Stampede will be taking to the streets for with a peloton of more than 300 inspired cyclists dressed in Cow Suits riding the challenge for charity.  The 2010 Stampede aims to raise more than R4 million for CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation).

To become part of the Stampede, visit our website, to register. You can ride as a ...

  • COW - Raise at least R20,000, ride in a Cow Suit over your special CHOC cycling gear -For those wanting to moooove in the main herd!
  • UBERCOW - Raise at least R20,000, ride in a Cow Suit on an ice-cream bike sponsored by a company to the value of R25,000, and co-branded by CHOC and the company. For those who always wanted to see the look of 'udder' happiness on kids faces when they see you coming down the street!
  • SUPERCOW - Raise at least R10,000, ride in CHOC cycling gear TWICE around the course - join the COW peloton on the second circuit to help the ice-cream bikes. This is strictly for those suffering from Mad Cow disease!
  • CALF - Raise at least R6,000, ride in CHOC cycling gear. This is for cyclists who are happy just to stay on the bike!