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My name is Sharon Kemp. I am 55yrs old (for now) and I live together with my hubby Mark who has just turned 60. We live in a cottage in a retirement village, rented for us by our son.
Mark is the beneficiary of this campaign. I have been married to this gentle soul for 37 years and even with all the health and financial issues, I wouldn't swop him for the world. Mark was medically boarded as a civil engineer in 1991 due to a back problem and failed spinal surgery

Over the years Mark's health deteriorated and he was never without his crutches but had a positive look on life, always smiling. 5 years ago, Mark underwent a hip replacement which resulted in severe infection. Numerous surgeries over the next two years left him with yet a failed procedure. He has a shattered pelvis and no femur which means that from his knee to the pelvis it is an empty cavity - no bone at all. This has left him bedridden with very limited mobility. For the past 3 years sitting is a problem, standing and walking impossible. He can only lie on his back so that is what his life entails.

Due to the physical damage and ever-present infection, he is in excruciating pain and requires schedule 6 pain medication. This medication costs us, including my chronic meds, over R7400 per month. Our chemist account has slowly climbed to just over R8000 Our only income is the pension Mark received when he was boarded so our lives have become a daily struggle to survive. This is the reason for my campaign. Mark obviously requires 24 hr physical care which because of lack of finances, I have had to do myself, an issue that has taken its toll on my own health, In addition to the medication, we use creams, powders, etc, all things to prevent bed sores and keep muscles toned etc.

About a year ago, after one of Mark's numerous falls, it became apparent that he needed oxygen supplementation. We are renting a cylinder for now but an oxygenator would be better. In addition to this, we urgently need to purchase an egg box sponge mattress which will help prevent sores. The skin on his back and bum is like rice paper and bleeds easy. I would also like to invest in a commode to make bathroom visits less traumatic.
My inspiration for this campaign is basically the pain and suffering that this man goes through on a daily basis but he will always smile, joke and take things as they come. I have seen him cry in pain but would do anything he could for anyone - stranger or family. On that note, we have received a lot of help from family and friends but unfortunately, a lot of those people are now sadly needing help themselves

I have based the target on covering our medication costs for 6 months, to give us a respite whereby we can survive without that monthly stress so we would like to get the first amount out within a month if possible. We would also like to settle the chemist arrears as we are petrified that they will put us on a no supply basis...Along with that, I would say the sponge mattress, commode, and oxygen machine are also a priority. We also need an oximeter as we had one from a friend who unfortunately needed it back. a HUGE BONUS WOULD BE IF THERE IS A PHARMACY OR DISTRIBUTOR OUT THERE THAT COULD OFFER US A DISCOUNTED RATE FOR OUR MEDICATION. EVERY LITTLE SAVING HELPS.

The costs are broken down as follows:
Chemist account arrears -R8000
6 months medication at R7000 per month - R42000
Sponge egg box mattress - R900
Commode - R1995
Oxygen Machine - deposit and monthly rental for 1 month R1400
Oximeter to monitor oxygen saturation R700
The total is R54 995

The fact that we will not have to stress about where the money for his next tablet is coming from (one tablet is about R17.50 ) or how we are going to buy electricity or food will make a huge difference to the mental state of Mark. He has always been positive and upbeat but the strain is taking its toll and the inevitable "why am I here?" question comes up far more frequently. My biggest fear is that he loses hope completely.

I know at the moment nothing can be done to fix this situation but I believe God has a plan and somewhere someone will come up with a solution and we can get our life back. Mark is too young to give up on life and he shouldn't have to. He has spent his whole life putting others before him and helping where he can and this is so sad that this has happened to him.

Please follow Mark's progress here.


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Mark is the beneficiary of this campaign. I have been married to this gentle soul for 37 years and even with all the health and financial issues, I would't swop him for the world. Mark was medically boarded as a civil engineer in 1991 due to a back problem and failed spinal surgery.