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Mary-Ann & Mark Shearer fire relief

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Losing your BUSINESS in a devastating fire is tragic. Losing your HOME in a fire is beyond devastating. Imagine losing BOTH in 1 day!

Mary-Ann & Mark Shearer have just experienced this tragedy; losing their Health Food business’s warehouse, their Natural Way Restaurant & their music school, which burned down from a fire that came down the mountains in Gordon’s Bay. The loss of their business also means that 20 staff members have lost their jobs as a result, and the effect on their immediate families is also a huge loss.

Their home too was razed to the ground, losing ALL their personal belongings, going back 40 years! Mary Ann has lost 100's of her books, clothing and shoes.

They are obviously devastated, but their faith holds fast, and Mary Ann spoke on social media of their gratitude, that despite losing everything, their family is all alive and well, but is trusting God to bring good out of this devastation.

As family, friends, customers, readers and fans of what the Shearers have brought to our lives, we want to stand together to help! If we were to reflect on the wonderful effect their food, products and teachings have brought to all of our lives, we could surely all agree that we are better people in every way because of what Mark and Mary-Ann stand for.

Now is our time to GIVE BACK! Please support this initiative and let’s get the Shearers back on their feet as quickly as we can!


Name Comment Date Amount
Ann, Toni and Antoinette Love and prayers surround you as you start at the very beginning, all over again. Jan 17, 2018 R 1 010.00
Ann, Toni and Antoinette Love and prayers surround you as you start at the very beginning, all over again. Jan 12, 2018 R 1 010.00
Bruce & Barbara Brinkman Hope this helps in a small way Jan 09, 2018 R 514.10
AnonGeorge Your books have made a HUGE difference in our lives - Thank you!!! Jan 08, 2018 R 2 010.00
Sarah Kalell The world needs you Mary-Ann and Mark! So sorry you have suffered this disaster - sending lots of love, Sarah, xxxx Dec 22, 2017 R 308.46
Anonymous Rising from the ashes lies an opportunity for you to demonstrate sustainable design and construction and, with your extensive influence, to demo these to others. Best wishes. Dec 12, 2017 R 110.00
Melanie Fraser I'm so sad that this happened to you but knowing both of you, you will come out of this stronger than before and with a stronger faith than before. Dec 11, 2017 USD $ 77.09
Kerry-Lee Beauty for ashes. Multiplication & Abundance ?? Nov 29, 2017 USD $ 77.02
anonymous Beauty will arise out of ashes... Nov 28, 2017 USD $ 725.84
Melani Skog Out of the ashes you will rise! You've changed the lives of so many, including myself. Good things are coming your way. Nov 27, 2017 R 300.00
Nicky The rebuild will be amazing - I just know it! Nov 25, 2017 USD $ 75.84
Brandt family Keep up the good work Nov 23, 2017 R 1 010.00
Judith Hendry - Nov 22, 2017 R 500.00
Jan and Linda Praying for you all Nov 20, 2017 USD $ 1 305.05
Smith Family God Bless you and your staff Nov 17, 2017 R 514.10
Anonymous Every little bit helps. May you get back on your feet stronger. We can do more together than apart. May God bless you abundantly as you have blessed me. Nov 17, 2017 R 200.00
Craig Faith, Hope & Love Nov 17, 2017 R 514.10
Gordon & Bev Turner ?? Love you and praying for you all. Nov 16, 2017 USD $ 526.00
Alet Good luck to you and your staff! Nov 15, 2017 R 2 000.00
Anonymous Psalm 121 God Bless Nov 15, 2017 USD $ 13.93
Anonymous Thinking and praying for the family and staff at large Nov 14, 2017 R 200.00
Belinda Thinking of you all and sending you love and positivity during this challenging time. Nov 14, 2017 USD $ 181.69
June McGahey May God in his goodness restore everything to you and everyone on the property beyond your expectations!! Nov 14, 2017 R 3 010.00
Anonymous Hope this small contribution will help, during this difficult time. Nov 14, 2017 R 510.00
Zelda Eichler Sent with love Nov 14, 2017 R 205.64
Anon Have enjoyed many a fine lunch. Wishing you all strength in getting back on track. Nov 13, 2017 R 1 028.20
AS Praying for you. Nov 13, 2017 R 1 010.00
Anonymous Deeply sorry for your devastating loss. May you find the strength to start again. Nov 13, 2017 R 1 010.00
Antonia De Luca we are praying very hard for you and your family Nov 13, 2017 R 210.00
Yolanda Devastating news! I have no words. My prayer is that out of the ashes, something new and even better will rise! Nov 13, 2017 R 514.10
Fiona & Alan Good luck with rebuilding your lives x Nov 12, 2017 R 1 896.56
Le Roux family Thank you for impacting our lives through your book and e-mails. Nov 12, 2017 R 1 028.20
Steve & Gayle Covarrubias Thoughts & prayers are with during this tragic time Nov 12, 2017 R 295.70
John & Melissa Ryan You are in our prayers Nov 11, 2017 USD $ 105.42
Claire Gerber sending love Nov 11, 2017 USD $ 36.65
Natasha Honor(Davies) So sorry for your loss xx i hope this helps a littel xx Nov 11, 2017 R 102.82
Anrita, Ben and Kay Love and Blessings. All Will Be Well. Nov 11, 2017 R 514.10
Bobby and Tatum We are so saddened and heartbroken for you. Sending all our love and prayers to you! Nov 11, 2017 USD $ 105.20
Merrily and Jim Bright Love and prayers to all your family and workers! Nov 10, 2017 USD $ 210.40
Martin So sorry for your loss. Thank you for the unique resource you have been to so many people. I pray to Jesus for grace and strength for you to rebuild everything, even better before. Blessings Nov 10, 2017 R 1 028.20
Ilse MacDonald Breathe and believe Nov 10, 2017 USD $ 14.77
Anonymous Donation Nov 10, 2017 R 1 010.00
Jeanine and Mike Together we all stand in love and strength Nov 10, 2017 R 1 028.20
Anonymous You did so much for me, nothing to do with food but everything to do with love. Mary Anne and Mark you are true Shepard’s xxx thank you and God Bless! You all Nov 10, 2017 R 1 028.20
Anonymous Mark and Mary-Ann and staff. We are praying for you.God is a restorer and a redeemer and we pray that your latter days will be greater than all your former days put together as you rebuild & restore Nov 10, 2017 R 510.00
Rolf, Michelle & Sarah God is going to restore all you have lost and supply in abundance. Through this tragedy more people will come to know the Natural way and their health will be restored. Nov 10, 2017 R 5 010.00
Sally A little something towards the rebuilding of your business and towards the continued support of all the people that you employ Remembering the part you have played in my choice to eat healthily.. Nov 10, 2017 R 1 028.20
Energy Africa Recruitment Good people who do good work will rise again! You're in our prayers. Nov 10, 2017 R 1 000.00
Francois Visser May you know God’s peace and be flooded by His grace in this time. Nov 10, 2017 R 1 010.00
Beverley B Wishing you al the best. Nov 10, 2017 R 1 010.00
Colette Kriel We're going through a tough time too, with our brother and his girlfriend in ICU from Malaria. We've been so blessed so here is a small pay-it-forward. Nov 10, 2017 USD $ 14.77
Lara Combrinck May this tragedy bring about happiness you never imagined. Nov 09, 2017 R 1 000.00
Louise Murphy Our thoughts are with your family and all the families impacted by this devastating fire. Nov 09, 2017 R 1 157.24
Anne Staeb God bless you and help you as you put your lives back together. Nov 09, 2017 USD $ 70.65
Russ and Cathy McCrea Mark and Mary Ann, our hearts and our love goes out to you and your entire family and staff. We pray for God's provision as you recover and for His leading as you move forward. He is a REDEEMER! Nov 09, 2017 USD $ 105.97
Pepe & Heidi I have no words... Nov 09, 2017 R 2 000.00
Andre, Eline and Tessa van Duuren Having experienced a huge fire on our properties years ago, we know how devastating this is. We wish you lots of strength and courage rebuilding. Nov 09, 2017 R 800.00
Betsy Fox Sending you love, support and many blessings that you get back up and running again soon. Mary Ann got me on the path to eating healthy foods many years ago, and I bless you all for all the good you Nov 09, 2017 USD $ 37.17
Jennifer Brown Sending Light & Love, my thoughts & prays are with you all. Glad you all ok. God be with You. Nov 09, 2017 R 1 028.20
Bev Wium Mark, Mary-Anne and amazing staff members. I may live in Johannesburg, but if I can help in any way, feel free to contact me. Much love. Bev. Nov 09, 2017 R 1 028.20
David & Anne Heywood Good luck hope all goes well Nov 09, 2017 R 1 865.19
Keay Trading Good luck you wonderful people Nov 09, 2017 R 1 028.20
Andrew Palmer I hope that you manage to build the business soon. Good luck. Nov 09, 2017 USD $ 74.32
anonymous May you all find new strenth and know you will be provided for. God bless you all Nov 09, 2017 R 205.64
Willa We pray for blessings beyond words! Nov 09, 2017 R 510.00
Rodney and Lynda Timmerman We are praying for you and trust that the Lord will undertake to give you and your staff strength and guidance to rebuild your home and business. God bless. Nov 09, 2017 R 1 500.00
Aleida So sorry for your loss. Good luck with the rebuilding Nov 09, 2017 R 1 028.20
anonymous so sorry for your words.. I pray you find all you need in Father God as you recover and rebuild Nov 09, 2017 R 514.10
Fred and Velma van den Berg Hi Mark and Mary-Ann our hearts are with you and please let us know what else we can help with Nov 09, 2017 R 1 010.00
marike naude we are shocked and grieved for your terrible loss Nov 09, 2017 R 1 028.20
Marinda Blessings to you and your staff Nov 09, 2017 R 514.10
Tracey Larkan Sincere sympathy on this heart breaking experience. Wishing you strength as you rebuild. Nov 09, 2017 R 210.00
Ann, Toni and Antoinette Love and prayers surround you as you start at the very beginning, all over again. Nov 09, 2017 R 1 010.00
Colin & Amanda van Rensburg A small token, may God take what is given and multiply it a hundred fold!! Much love xx Nov 09, 2017 R 3 084.60
Anonymous So sorry for such a terrible event. We wish you all the best. Nov 09, 2017 R 2 056.40
Jenny Taylor To Dear Mary-Ann, Mark & All Staff - we can never comprehend the devastation that fire brings until one is caught up in it. Every year you remember my birthday and now it's time to give back! xx Nov 09, 2017 R 514.10
ADRIENNE & CHRIS JOURDAN Such a devastating loss, but you will be victorious. Our thoughts & prayers are with you. Nov 09, 2017 R 1 028.20
Grant & Heather Fausett NZ Praying for you guys as you pick up the pieces , Much Love from New Zealand Nov 09, 2017 USD $ 148.65
Andrea Middleton May you feel the love and support of all who love you at this difficult time. Nov 09, 2017 USD $ 41.46
Erika May hope abound! Nov 09, 2017 USD $ 74.32
Brad & Laura Mary-Ann & Mark you mean so much to us. May this be a blessing to you as you pick up the pieces and may God multiply it tenfold. Nov 08, 2017 R 1 028.20
Keith & Charlotte Mark and Mary-Ann , we are so very sorry to hear of this tragic event....our love and prayers are with you in America Nov 08, 2017 R 1 454.65
Cape Town Appliances All the best with the recovery! Nov 08, 2017 USD $ 703.00
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Losing your BUSINESS in a devastating fire is tragic. Losing your HOME in a fire is beyond devastating. Imagine losing BOTH in 1 day! Mary-Ann & Mark Shearer have just experienced this tragedy.