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Masambo Cares

Masambo Cares

Personal message

Dear donors,
We pleased to announce this campaign on behalf of our non-profit organization for this emergency project of caring and food distribution to vulnerable children who are dying of famine and others whose parents are in prison! They are living in the conditions of extreme poverty, without access to school and hospital. Your donations will help them live as care-free children and will have a huge impact on their lives.


  • Dec 02, 2019 - USD $ 50.00
  • "I know that God can make this little offering multiple " - Simone Ferreira

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Donations to date

R 733.91

Fundraising target

R 28 000.00

The Life : Masombo

The Life : Masombo Logo

The actual economic and political crisis installation, the lack of jobs, the lack of Financial possibilities, catastrophes, natural disasters, the wars provoked by rebellious troops, and overall the Epidemy of Ebola has a negative impact on the global live of families. Due to this situation, people are taking care of themselves through different structures of Development such as Associations, NGOs... It is in this order of idea that was created our NGO Masombo the life/MTL.

     We are working to create the society in which every person is celebrated as a unique and valued creation of God and is encouraged to fulfill his or her full potential.

      Goal and objectives:

  • To provide professional training for people.
  • To create training centers, schools, colleges, and universities;
  • To create charitable works such as Hospital Centers, orphanages, reception, and support centers;
  • To create Agro-Pastoral and Industrial units in the field of Agriculture, livestock, and fisheries;
  • To join the logic of sustainable development and integrate by protection and sanitation;
  • To mobilize savings and allow members access to microcredit to fight poverty by organizing members in activities generating income.