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A child's tears for a parent

A child's tears for a parent

Personal message

My name is Charmaine Moolman. I am raising funds for my 66-year-old dad Mathys Johannes Moolman from Westonaria Gauteng.  Firstly, let me tell you about my dad - the one in the picture.  His face will already tell you a lot about him. Humble, never complains, loving, caring person for his family and also for the person on the street. Mathys was still active this year 2019,  until April, as a working husband, handyman for mom at home, driving mom to shops, and just do normal things in and around the house, always busy.  

Mathys developed Osteoarthritis in both his knees and his left hip.  It never bothered him until a year and a half ago, but it has developed so severely that his left hip is giving in.  His knees are also giving problems but the severe pain is in the left hip the knees he can still control with pain killers. The pain is so severe that my dad can't have a good night's rest without a sleeping tablet as pain killers don't help anymore. He drinks up to 6 pain killers daily and inflammatory tablets but it is just not enough to take the pain away. My biggest concern is that this amount of medication will affect his health, and my dad overall is very healthy. To see my dad cry as a man so I know that he is suffering.  He can't walk long distances anymore, he must use a wheelchair, in the shower he must use a chair and mom must help him. He can't drive his car anymore or even visit family as he is constantly in pain.  The waiting list at the government hospital waiting period is 3 - 4 years.  

I have done so much research and medical expenses for the surgery is just too much to help my dad so he can help himself again.  I have discovered a doctor from the Western Cape and our family donated money to buy an air ticket so my dad could go and see the doctor on the 06 August 2019.  He did a check-up (free of charge) with my dad with an x-ray and he confirmed that my dad needs a hip replacement urgently.  The doctor also confirmed that the hip is so severe that my dad will not be able to be mobile for much longer.  The doctor has agreed to do the surgery at a low cost and he also managed to get his colleagues to also reduce their cost which adds up to R+-60 700.00.  The only cost that he could not negotiate was the hospital cost that is R132 000.00.   The surgery cost adds up to +-R19 2700.00  Our family can cover R52 000.00.  We are left with a shortfall of R140 000.00.  If I could give you my dad's pain for a while just to feel it so I can explain to you.  If I could donate my hip to my dad I would do it without a second thought.  I am asking humbly for your help with any amount that you can afford.   My wish is to give my dad a hip replacement for Christmas.  

Regards Charmaine Moolman

This campaign will have a huge impact on my dad's daily life. He will be less depressed and also something to live for.

Funds raised will be used to cover:
Hip replacement.
Hospital: R131,961.43 - Maximum days, overnight in  ICU, maximum medication etc. The hospital will pay some funds back if all the funds are not used, this is the highest quote for precaution to the worse that can happen
Doctor: R23,102.67- Including R30% discount
Anesthesia: R6,615.86 
Prosthetic: R30,000 (cost price )

*As per the campaign creator's request, funds raised will be transferred directly to the relevant medical organistion/practitioner*


  • Dec 06, 2019 - R 500.00
  • "

    Hope you reach your target. God bless

    " - Brenda

  • Nov 26, 2019 - R 1 000.00
  • "

    All the best

    " - Shaun & ZP

  • Nov 13, 2019 - R 500.00
  • "God bless you" - Johan Strydom

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R 140 000.00

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My name Charmaine Moolman I am raising funds for my 66-year-old dad Mathys Johannes Moolman from Westonaria Gauteng.  Mathys developed osteoarthritis in both his knees and his left hip and needs a hip replacement.