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I’m a writer and poet. I’m asking for funding for Matsobane Ramokgoadi to get a kidney. At 11 he joined my NGO; he is now 27.

Matsobane Big Boy Ramokgoadi (nick-name Black Jesus) is 27. Born in Mozambique, he came to the NGO, Rena Le Lona in Diepkloof Soweto, daily after school. He was 14. At times he was raised by his mother who wasn’t working. He had no shoes for school and no money for trips. There was hardly ever food at home. He loved music and acting. When he and his sister, Joyce, came to Rena Le Lona they blossomed. Their mother died in 2010 from AIDS. His uncle then chased him away from his home. Matsobane, Joyce and their two brothers lived at Rena Le Lona. Then the four children went to Motswaledi- a squatter camp - to live.

Neither of Matsobane’s kidneys work. To stay alive these past 8 years, he goes to Baragwanath hospital 3 times a week for dialysis. He sleeps there. That’s 3 times a week, 150 times so far. All he needs is one kidney transplant. His blood group is 0+. Matsobane is a song-writer and actor. He sent a couple of his rap-songs to WanZ - the famous rapper in Seattle USA who was thrilled. The pressing issue is Matsobane needs a kidney donor. Human beings can live with one kidney. Please find a donor for him! He deserves it!

We are fund-raising so that Matsobane can find a donor who will give up one kidney so Matsobane can live a normal life. Having spoken to his physician, she explained the process:

It will take 5 years.

Year 1 costs R250,000-R300,000
During this time it's necessary to find out with tests whether the donor's blood is the same as the patients' and if there's a strong chance of the donor's kidney holding fast.

Years 2-5 the cost is R1,000,000
During these years both the patient and donor undergo continued tests to ensure the operation has been successful. This means many visits to the hospital, the taking of blood and other tests.

The cost of the surgery - removing one of the patient's kidney, removing one of the donor's kidney and implanting it onto one of the patient's non-working kidney, costs R200,000 - R300,000.

*Funds raised will be transferred directly to the relevant medical practitioner/organisation.*


  • Nov 03, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "Matsobane deserves to be able to live a full and meaningful life" - Ronnie S

  • Nov 03, 2019 - USD $ 31.56
  • "Xo" - Robin Moor

  • Nov 02, 2019 - USD $ 33.28
  • "." - David Pachter

  • Oct 31, 2019 - USD $ 52.60
  • "Xxx" - Anonymous

  • Sep 30, 2019 - R 103.00
  • "I salute your courage Matsobane! " - Michelle Friedman

  • Sep 17, 2019 - USD $ 1 788.05
  • "Transfer from FAcebook " - Tom’s Facebook Friends

  • Sep 01, 2019 - USD $ 100.00
  • "You are an amazing young man and I have learned much from you and others at Rena. I'm thankful and now...let's do this!" - Tom Seeberger

  • Aug 29, 2019 - R 102.82
  • "I salute your courage Matsobane! " - Michelle Friedman

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We are fund-raising so that Matsobane can find a donor who will give up one kidney so Matsobane can live a normal life.