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Gothia World Youth Cup

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We are requesting your support to help pay for the lodging, transportation, and registration of two brothers who have been selected to compete in the 2024 Gothia - World Youth Cup in Mexico.
Braydon is a dymanic defense player with great balance and fanstantic ability to distribute the ball, Levaan shows great technical foresight to make and anticipate plays, ideal for a stiker who's not afraid to head the ball.

They have both shown a strong commitment to good sportsmanship, guiding their teams to several league and tournament victories.

We want to keep that momentum going, and trust that they will learn a great deal from this opportunity. Additionally, this will be their first time traveling abroad. Some videos have been attached to this post, check them out.
Using the links below. You can read more about their current club based in Bedford View, South Africa and the World Youth Cup hosted in Cancun, Mexico.
All of the associated costs are available on the Gothia Cup website, however the most important aspect, is the deadline for payments on the 21st of November 2023. 
Thank you, for taking the time to read this far. 


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Gothia World Youth Cup Campaign