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Help Mbalenhle Complete Her Master's Degree

Help Mbalenhle Complete Her Master's Degree

Personal message

I am crowdfunding for financial assistance to complete my Master's degree in Media and Cultural Studies at UKZN. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Psychology and Media & Cultural Studies, and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree majoring in corporate communication.


I am a passionate academic and aspiring world changer. My deepest desire is to fight the social injustices perpetrated by the patriarchal systems, especially in African societies to ensure great freedom, particularly for my African sisters who have great ability but are constantly dragged down SIMPLY BECAUSE OF GENDER. I have an amazing opportunity to do this through my research in fulfillment of a Masters's degree at UKZN. I am currently approaching my data collection which will be based in JHB  with selected Production companies and viewers of media texts selected for analysis.

I am advocating for positive social change- my current research is highly influenced by the appalling Gender-Based Violence in our country which has left women feeling more inferior than ever because of gender, which many theories argue is a social construct. I am currently conducting a research study that analyses how media-Soap Opera (which is categorized as a female-targeted genre) represents female identity and in turn influences female identity constructions. Having been raised in a highly patriarchal society as a Black African woman, I have come to acknowledge the depths of influence of culture and tradition as an additional if not the primary factor in the escalating gendered violence, especially in intimate relationships. These patriarchal ways of "being a woman" are additionally instilled from an early stage as the norm through representations in media. Exemplary in Children's shows- where from a young age, girls are taught to be submissive to the male gender. The well-known Children's story of the Little Mermaid which sees the female character risk her own life to be acceptable to her human lover who is male. We must be encouraged to seek nonconventional ways of storytelling and representing women in media in order to influence the beliefs and values in society in hope for a more peaceful South Africa.


The full amount required for the remainder of my studies is R50 000. As per my supervision contract, I am expected to submit my final paper end of July 2020 in order to achieve Spring Graduation 2020. The money raised will go towards the following:

Accommodation during data collection: R5000 (2 weeks)
Registration for 2020: R15 000 (Master's programme costs)
Residence Accommodation for 2020 (6 months to complete): R 15 000
Editing of final paper:  R8000


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Mbalenhle Sindane Study Cause

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My name is Mbalenhle Sindane, from Durban, South Africa. I am 29 years old.  I am crowdfunding for financial assistance to complete my Master's degree in Media and
Cultural Studies at UKZN.