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European Athletics Tour

European Athletics Tour

Funds Raised:
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Fundraising Target:
R 70 000

Personal message

I, Mbhoni Rifuwo Blessing Mabunda, am looking for funding to help me take part in European Athletics Tour. The concept of travelling to Europe benefits me in the following ways:

  • During this time, Europe transitions from spring to summer (which is the beginning of the European local athletics season) and South Africa transitions from autumn to winter (which is when the local athletics season comes to an end).
  • Generally the European season is used to extend an athletes season of which allows them to compete with other athletes from Europe and across the globe; with the intent to increase experience in competing on a global stage with world class athletes and helps me in the pursuit of qualify for championships (i.e. Snr World Champs and or Olympics), or the chance to compete at one of the Wanda Diamond League competitions and other competitions that are organized by World Athletics (Continental, Bronze, Silver and Gold meet).
  • Apart from the Wanda Diamond League and the competitions organized by World Athletics, most of the local meets organized within Europe incentivizes me based on the race outcome (usually top 3).


Fundraising target

R 70 000.00

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European Athletics Tour Campaign