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Kingjay Boxing Athletics

Kingjay Boxing Athletics

Funds Raised:
R 1 300
Fundraising Target:
R 18 000

Personal message

Greetings everyone!

I am King Jay Ndukwana, a 31-year-old resident of the picturesque Knysna town in the Western Cape...nestled in this serene setting, I pursue my passion as a professional boxer representing South Africa.

With a track record of 6 fights, I've been an active contender in the South African boxing scene for the past 5 years. But my aspirations reach far beyond local rings...I dream of clinching the coveted title of South African Champion and ultimately, becoming a World Boxing Champion under the prestigious "WBC" banner. My hunger for success knows no bounds, and I am unwaveringly confident in my abilities to achieve these lofty goals.

Beyond personal glory, I see championship as a beacon of hope for our youth. It's a platform that not only encourages participation in sports but also steers them away from the pitfalls of substance abuse and crime. As a champion, I embody discipline and respect, serving as a guiding light for the younger generation to pursue their dreams and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Every day, I push my limits through rigorous training regimes—be it pounding the pavement during road work, sweating it out in indoor sessions, or honing my skills with dedicated exercises. My commitment to my craft knows no bounds, fueled by an insatiable ambition to reach the pinnacle of my sport.

Yet, despite my relentless dedication, I face formidable challenges on my journey to glory. Since turning professional in 2019, I've been without stable employment or the financial means to sustain my boxing career. I reside in my aunt's dilapidated shelter, lacking even the basic amenities like a proper toilet. But amidst these hardships, I refuse to relinquish my dreams. For the sake of my 5-year-old daughter and my unwavering determination, I persevere.

Transportation hurdles compound my struggles, particularly when traveling outside town for training camps and competitions. The costs of accommodation, food, and specialized diets further strain my limited resources.

This is where I humbly seek your support. Your generosity will not only provide me with essential training gear and equipment but also serve as a beacon of hope for a dreamer like me. From new fighting outfits to indispensable training equipment, every contribution brings me closer to my aspirations.

Here's a breakdown of the items I urgently require:

Training Tracksuits, Shorts, Sweating Suit, Running Shoes, Socks, T-shirts (worth: R7200)
Fight Kit including Shorts, Boxing Boots, Gown, Coaches Robe (worth: R4800)
Training Equipment such as Gloves, Head Guards, Groin Protectors, Skipping Ropes, Mouth Guards, Standing Punching Bags, Hand Wraps, Speed Ball, and 10 Pound Hammer (worth: R6000)

The total value of these necessities amounts to R18,000—an investment not just in my career but in the dreams of countless young athletes who look up to champions like me.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my heartfelt plea and for your kindness in making my dreams a reality. May the blessings you bestow upon me be returned to you tenfold.

Thank you, and may God bless you.


  • Sep 07, 2023 - R 300.00 Fees covered
  • "A little something towards your dream" - Sharon

  • Sep 07, 2023 - R 1 000.00 Fees covered
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Fundraising target

R 18 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 300.00

Kingjay Boxing Athletics Campaign

Kingjay Boxing Athletics Campaign Logo

Hello, I'm King Jay Ndukwana, a 31-year-old professional boxer from Knysna, Western Cape.

My dream is to become a South African and World Boxing Champion, inspiring youth to pursue sports and stay away from negative influences. Despite facing financial challenges and living in inadequate conditions, I remain committed to my goal. I urgently need support for training gear and equipment worth R18,000.

Your contribution, no matter how small, will mean the world to me.

Thank you for considering my dream.