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Meds for Martie 2017

Meds for Martie 2017

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Imagine being diagnosed 'out of the blue' with a rare, terminal, lung disease after having lived a life of international employment and travel, adventure, freedom, and opportunities. Listen around the water cooler at work and you'll hear lots of people complaining about being tired, feeling run down, swelling, gaining weight, and getting dizzy. That is precicely why many people ignore these symptoms, expain them away, or try and fix it with coffee. With only about 25 million people already diagnosed around the world, chances are there are just as many undiagnosed, who think they are simply out of shape. 

Pulmonary Hypertension is an 'orphan disease'. Doctors don't want to treat it, because they can't. Because Pulmonary Hypertension is still a 'rare' disease, the medicine available is super-expensive, only to treat the sypmtoms until a double lung transplant. Having great medical insurance only goes so far, and because this medicine has to be imported to South Africa the insurance companies are legally under no obligation to pay for it. 

Let's spread awareness of Pulmonary Hypertension, help more people get diagnosed, and help Martie raise money to afford her life-saving medication until her new lungs come. 

Maybe you are not out of shape. Maybe your lungs are dying and you just don't know it yet.  




Name Comment Date Amount
Linda Dunn Always wish I could do more, Martie! Jun 28, 2017 USD $ 16.04
Anoniem Met baie liefde omdat Hy ons liefhet. May 08, 2017 R 2 410.00
Linda Please let me know if you need more to make this month's costs...we love you Martie! Apr 26, 2017 R 1 902.17
Linda Dunn Love to you, Martie! Mar 13, 2017 USD $ 15.97
Anneke Sterkte, Martie! Mar 01, 2017 R 514.00
Anonymous Martie, jy bly n inspirasie. Die Here sal sorg x Feb 27, 2017 R 210.00
Bridget Hopefully this will take the stress off for a month, good luck Feb 27, 2017 R 50 000.00
Sarah Sener Wish I could do more. Feb 26, 2017 R 830.08
Doug Best of luck with your treatment. Feb 26, 2017 R 411.28
Wilna Smith Niggie, ek commit in geloof omdat ek self die Here op die oomblik vir ons finansies vertrou. Ek bid vir jou!! Feb 26, 2017 R 257.05
Linda Dunn We love you, Martie! Feb 25, 2017 USD $ 52.60
Yasemin Birgan We are thinking of you! Feb 25, 2017 R 305.12
Anneke Sterkte, Martie! Feb 25, 2017 R 514.10
Megan Yucel All my love, Megan xx Feb 25, 2017 USD $ 40.60
Annelize Sterkte, Martie! Ek dink aan jou. Feb 24, 2017 USD $ 81.69
Chrissie Best wishes Martie Feb 19, 2017 USD $ 80.55
Willemien du Plessis Baie sterkte; ek bid vir jou. Feb 09, 2017 R 110.00
Linda Dunn Much love to you, Martie! Feb 08, 2017 USD $ 11.98
Anonymous Best wishes from a friend Jan 21, 2017 R 699.18
Marianne From Holland, I wish you all the best. Jan 19, 2017 USD $ 10.00
Colleen Martin You are incredibly strong. And radiant! XO Jan 15, 2017 R 200.00
Anon Psalm 118:17 Jan 12, 2017 USD $ 76.56
Marlene Fourie Baie sterkte. God is getrou. Jan 11, 2017 R 210.00
Marie van der Merwe Dink aan jou elke dag! Jan 09, 2017 USD $ 38.47
Annie Thinking of you. Jan 07, 2017 R 514.10
Ann S. (Friend of Margaretha's) Wishing you the best. Jan 07, 2017 USD $ 53.86
Henk Praying for you! Jan 07, 2017 USD $ 15.39
Anonymous + Jan 06, 2017 R 1 028.20
Lorette Liefde vir jou! Jan 06, 2017 USD $ 36.75
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Medication for a rare disease is extremely expensive, even with excellent private health insurance. Of the 17 internationally approved treatment methods for pulmonary hypertension only 1 is available in South Africa. As the disease progresses, more medication and combinations of medication is needed to help get the patient to their double lung transplant in the best possible physical condition they can be in to survive the transplant.