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Striving for a better future

Striving for a better future

Personal message

I have gone through a lot for the start of 2019, financial difficulties have now caught up with me, I have a baby on the way and I am due in May. I have been given the opportunity to make a stable income and will also be able to continue with this opportunity full time.I will also be able to make a living to support my family. Money that will be raised will allow me to pay for my course as well as pay for my daughter's education, get some groceries in the house and pay rent during my study time (the TEFL Course will take about 2 months to complete).

The online course costs R5000. I will need to pay my daughter's school fees of R1 500 (working on the course duration of 2 months)The rent for 2 months will come to R4500pm, groceries work out to about R3000 per month depending pricing at the shops, being able to pay for study resources for the course duration will work out to about R3000 (this will be for the Wifi, note books and possible calling of a tutor).

It would be appreciated if I could get some donations so that I can focus on own as well as my family's future.

*Part of the funds raised will be paid directly to the TEFL online university*


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Melissa Salgado Study Cause

Melissa Salgado Study Cause Logo

I am raising funds for a company that I am on the process of registering to offer the TEFL course made easy for a
South Africans to find work online and teach English to foreign. the funds raised it to pay for a company in the UK to accredit the course and make it internationally recognized. There is also an amount due to register the company I have started.