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Personal message

Meowvember the cat has come to Mdzananda!

Roaming the streets of Khayelitsha at night Meowvember spotted many male dogs suffering from testicular cancer. He has had enough! He no longer wants to see his friends suffering and has taken it on himself to help as many male dogs as possible this November. He wants to ensure that his male dog friends live happier, healthier, longer lives.

But how will he achieve this? Meowvember has come up with a master plan! He has cast a spell on all the male staff at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha. For an entire month none of them will be able to shave their moustaches. They will have to endure the scratching and itching of the moustache until Meowvember is satisfied.

Meowvember wants to see 100 male dogs castrated this November. Only then will the curse be lifted and will our staff be able to shave their hairy faces.

To neuter 100 pets R50 000 will be needed. One neuter costs R350 in consumables and R500 in total including veterinarian and hidden costs. You can help relieve our staff from itchy faces and prevent 100 pets from getting testicular cancer by making a donation.

Testicular cancer is considered one of the most common tumours in older unneutered male dogs and can occur in younger dogs too. By neutering a male dog it prevents testicular cancer.

On Sunday the 1st of November 12 of our male staff cleanly shaved their faces. For the next 30 days they will not be able to shave as they strive to raise funds to castrate 100 male dogs.

You can support them by making a donation to:

Mdzananda Animal Clinic, Standard Bank, Rondebosch 025009, Acc 075595710, Reference: Mo+YourName


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Mdzananda Animal Clinic

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Since 1996 the Mdzananda Animal Clinic has been serving the Khayelitsha community pets and pet owners. The organisation treats up to 700 pets per month through consultations, hospitilisaiton, surgery (general, orthopaedic and sterilisation), mobile clinics, an animal ambulance and humane education.

Our aim is to help create a community that cares for every animal through veterinary care, education and partnerships.