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Mhlengi Olympic Dream

Mhlengi Olympic Dream

Funds Raised:
R 1 196
Fundraising Target:
R 250 000

Personal message

Many of you will remember the story of Mhlengi Gwala ,who in September 2018 was pulled off his bicycle and attacked by two perpetrators,who attempted to cut off his legs with a chainsaw !

Mhlengi managed to free himself and crawl to the road ,where he was rescued by a passing security guard and taken to hospital .Mhlengi spent  many months in hospital recovering ,learning to walk again on his injured legs .The one which suffered the most nerve damage and continued to get infected ,was eventually removed ,above the knee in 2021 .
None of this has stopped Mhlengi ,and his determination to get back to his best and compete at the highest level in the sport ,has been nothing short of heroic !
Mhlengi has a dream ,to represent South Africa at the Paris 2024 Para Olympics. Mhlengi has the ability and he has shown what he can do ,with proven results ,racing against the best in his classification .
Mhlengi has worked so hard ,learning to run with a prosthetic ,swim again ,as his balance is now different and even riding has had its challenges .Mhlengi has overcome all of these challenges in a very short space of time .His biggest challenge now ,is getting to the all the qualifying races that he needs over the next 8 months ,in order to qualify for the Olympics and live out his dream .
Mhlengi has become an inspiration to so many and continues to work as a lifeguard,doing his  bit to serve the community and feed  his family .
Mhelngi now needs our help to see his dream come true .Remember every little bit helps .


  • Nov 11, 2023 - USD $ 28.94 Fees covered
  • "Dear Mhlengi, congratulations for your tenacity on not giving up. you are a great inspiration to your kids and all aspiring athletes. good luck" - Stella M Barber

  • Nov 02, 2023 - USD $ 11.65 Fees covered
  • "Proud of you! Go fly high" - Camilla

  • Oct 31, 2023 - USD $ 17.21 Fees covered
  • "Best of luck in reaching your dreams!" - Jane Fehsenfeld

  • Oct 30, 2023 - R 250.00 Fees covered
  • "You are such an amazing inspiration!" - Kate Moran

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Fundraising target

R 250 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 195.98

Mhlengi Olympic Dream Campaign