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Help set me free from marriage

Help set me free from marriage

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R 18 000

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Hello there 

Thank you for stopping by and reading my story. To keep it simple and husband left to go live and work in America 4 years ago. He does not communicate with me at all. However he wishes to remain married to me in the hopes that I change my mind. We have been together since 2003 and share one child together. He sends maintenance which is just enough to keep my head above the water but not enough for me to rehabilitate myself back into the work place and make provisions for legal proceedings. I cannot remain stuck as his prisoner for the rest of my life and I'm crying out for help as this is my last resort as I have nowhere else to turn too for funds. I know that legal fees would be so much more than R18k but any amount at this point can at least get the ball rolling and help me to move forward. 

Best Wishes, 
Michelle Douglas 


Fundraising target

R 18 000.00

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Help set me free from marriage Campaign