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The Next Great Fashion Designer

The Next Great Fashion Designer

Personal message

I am fund raising for Michelle Fouche. She is a 37-year-old mother of three, who lives in a little town called Boshof. She has a passion for creating beautiful and unique items. Michelle attended multiple craft markets in Kimberley to upskill herself.

In 2017, Michelle spent a few months planning and hosted a combined private runway with a talent show for the town at the local high school. Michelle kicked it up a notch by adding a unique flair to her show when she designed every dress but one, out of recycled materials ranging from a vintage toilet paper dress, a Simba evening dress made from Simba chip packets, a tin foil cocktail dress, a Friday evening dress made from match sticks, paper & sand, a summer’s dress made from hair and the showstopper—a wedding dress made from white plastic among another 10 dresses.

Her fashion show drew the attention of Mandy de Klerk, co-director of Nouvelle Models and director of Blueroom marketing in Kimberley. Mandy personally called Michelle and invited her to the next Fusion Week Fashion runway show to showcase her talent. Michelle worked hard on her designs and was devastated when due to personal issues, she was unable to get the machinery or support she required to do the show — leading Michelle’s dream to its sudden death.

Today, Michelle still loves drawing her designs and cannot afford the materials or machinery required to follow her dream. Her dream is to take Mandy up on her offer for the next Fusion Week Runway show at Flamingo Casino among others. Fusion Week, being an internationally recognised runway, would draw the attention she needs to share her passion with the world.  

To reach for her dream in fashion designing, she will need the following:

  • an industrial or semi-industrial sewing machine and over locker—new or used,
  • a dress maker’s mannequin
  • a small financial boost to buy supplies
  • a second hand laptop or computer so she can connect to the internet.

Let’s help a woman, who has faced obstacle after obstacle and never allowed it to get her down—reach for her dream. Let’s help her become the next Coco Chanel or Pierre Cardin. Locally born and raised, with the purpose of taking the world by storm.


  • Dec 14, 2019 - USD $ 3.46
  • "We believe in you Michelle!!" - Anonymous

  • Nov 22, 2019 - USD $ 3.41
  • "Good luck" - Anonymous

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R 28 000.00

Michelle Fouche Design Cause

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Caroline Whittington is raising funds for Michelle Fouche. Michelle has a passion for fashion design. She started off making clothes for dolls, then moved on to make clothes for her children and children in her community. After hosting her own fashion show, she was afforded the opportunity to design some dresses for the Fusion Week Fashion runway show, but does not have the required machinery to do so.