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Emotional Support animals

Emotional Support animals

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My name is Michelle and I desperately need help.

My son Mikael (12 years) suffers from depression, anxiety and a low immune system.

My daughter Chloe  (8 years) has Asperger's syndrome. This places her on the spectrum.

During coved they were really finding it difficult so I went to our local animal shelter and got 2 puppies with the thought that they could help my children emotionally. My son got BUTTON the big black one. (he was supposed to be a small Labrador), and my daughter got the little brown and black one LILLY.

They have indeed become emotional support animals for both my children. If either of them is having a problem they will go and sit with their dog and it helps them to calm down.

The dogs also seem to know when my kids are upset and will go to them with kisses and sit with them.

We are immigrating to the Netherlands AUGUST 2024  due to my husbands work.

At the moment I do not have the money to take our fur babies with.

I have not told my children. They will be devastated, and I'm not sure how they will cope without their emotional support fur babies.

I really hope someone can help. Every donation will be greatly appreciated .

Thank you so much for your generosity

Warm and hopeful regards



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R 66 000.00

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Emotional Support animals Campaign