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Get Michelle to Portugal 2019

Get Michelle to Portugal 2019

Personal message

My name is Michelle Luker (48) and I live in Cape Town.

I started karate 3 years ago in October 2016 and I fell in love with the sport - it is not just a sport but it becomes a lifestyle and your fellow team mates become a family.

I am currently purple belt and working towards my brown belt, my grading will be at the end of the year.

My dream is to compete in the World Championship in Cape Town in 2020 and to represent my country at the age of 49 will be a great honor.

I am fundraising for a trip to Portugal to compete in the Kimura Cup 2019. The event was formally known as the European Championship and was only open to participants in Europe but now they have made it open to the world, so countries like South Africa, Canada & the US can also compete.

The event is happening in October this year from the 8th October to the 13 October and this will be my first International Competition.

I am still very new at competitions and so far, I have only done the two regionals in Cape Town and I will be competing in the Nationals on the 14 September this year, this will also be the SA qualifiers for the Kimura Shukokai World Championship that is being held in Cape Town in September 2020.

So far, I have won 1 x joint bronze for kata and two joint bronze for kumite.

The experience I will gain from the Kimura Cup in Portugal will be invaluable for me for when I need to compete in the World Champs next year.

I am aware that I will probably be the only purple belt with the least experience in my division so will definitely be the underdog but I am prepared to train hard and give it all that I have.

Breakdown of costs:
Individual Entries: (Kata and Kumite) 95 €
GASSHUKO (Cash on Arrival)
Adults 100 €
Accommodation, bed and breakfast (6 nights) between 85 € Pax / Day
TRANSPORTATION airport to hotel and back to airport, and hotel for event
Transfer 80, 00 € / Pax
LUNCH BOXES All Days Gasshuko + Competition
Pack Lunch Box 30 € / 3 Days
Then there will be the cost of visa which is about R885
Flights to Portugal range from between R9k to R11k

I understand that these are hard times for everyone especially financially with the cost of living becoming so expensive and a trip to Portugal seems a bit extravagant to do but even though the thought of competing against people that are so more experienced than me is nerve-racking the experience from doing the competition will be an experience of a lifetime and at my age I never thought that I would ever get this far to compete in am International competition

The funds will be going toward my visa, flights, accommodation, and registration to the competition.


  • Oct 02, 2019 - USD $ 13.05
  • "Such an incredible achievement xx" - Sarah

  • Sep 28, 2019 - USD $ 32.98
  • "Good luck Michelle - such an amazing experience! " - Claire Taylor-Benson

  • Aug 03, 2019 - R 2 056.40
  • "Good Luck in Portugal ! Xx " - Garth & family

  • Jul 29, 2019 - USD $ 24.76
  • "How so very cool. Best of luck and enjoy representing your country" - Steven McKelvie

  • Jul 28, 2019 - R 400.00
  • "Proud of you Michelle. " - Amanda Blake

  • Jul 26, 2019 - R 514.10
  • "Kick ass and soak up every second. It’s an awesome experience ????????" - Natascha Bracale

  • Jul 01, 2019 - R 1 000.00
  • "Good Luck Sweet Pea" - Karen & Roy Veldsman

  • Jun 30, 2019 - USD $ 70.99
  • "Good luck lady xxxx Love The Gilroys" - Andrew and Sera

  • Jun 25, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "You go girl!" - Carla Houghton

  • Jun 12, 2019 - R 1 028.20
  • "Best of Luck, I know you can do it!" - Fiona

  • Jun 08, 2019 - USD $ 66.85
  • "Who wants castle troops?" - McLeod

  • Jun 08, 2019 - USD $ 16.71
  • "Hajime!" - Ulindi

  • Jun 08, 2019 - USD $ 34.23
  • "Brave lady! Good luck. " - Giles

  • Jun 02, 2019 - USD $ 17.14
  • "Good luck for the tournament" - Nicole

  • May 28, 2019 - USD $ 34.64
  • "Never stop chasing your dreams! ?????" - Natalia

  • May 28, 2019 - R 51.41
  • "I know it is not a lot but I am sure every little bit helps - good luck xxx" - Anonymous

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Michelle Luker (48) from Cape Town is fundraising for a trip to Portugal to compete in the Kimura Cup 2019.