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Midmar Swim for Teddy Bear Foundation 2018

Midmar Swim for Teddy Bear Foundation 2018

Personal message

Natalie du Toit, Olympic gold medallist, along with her swimming team, are dedicating their 2018 Midmar Mile to support the Teddy Bear Foundation.

The team will literally be going through deep water for the children...

It is a horrible reality that many children are being abused and don't have the psychological or legal support to stop the abusive cycle. The Teddy Bear Foundation provides the comprehensive service that these children so desperately need.

The Foundation is totally reliant on the goodwill of others for funding to provide their services.

Please donate to this cause and along with Natalie, make a difference to lives!!


Name Comment Date Amount
Karen Ferreira Enjoy the swim! Such an awesome event Feb 12, 2018 R 510.00
Dr IA Rautenbach Challange to all doctors to equal or better R500.00.............Dr IA Rautenbach Feb 12, 2018 R 500.00
Johann & Loritha Puik voorbeeld wat julle stel. Feb 09, 2018 R 205.64
S. Cullis On behalf of Stephan Cilliers - Keep your head above water Pastor! Feb 09, 2018 R 500.00
Rod Make it happen Feb 09, 2018 R 205.64
Maxco Truss Systems Good work! Thanx. Feb 09, 2018 R 1 028.20
Anonymous Go Team Go! Feb 09, 2018 R 1 010.00
GP Good luck to all the swimmers and their support. Feb 09, 2018 R 1 010.00
Daleen Sterkte aan elke swemmer Feb 08, 2018 R 308.46
Aimee Great cause - enjoy! Feb 08, 2018 R 338.03
Elizma Great cause, go team! There in Spirit Feb 08, 2018 R 514.10
Ravi Nair This is such a fantastic initiative and congratulations to the swimmers being part of this Feb 08, 2018 R 1 000.00
Shubnum Good Luck! Feb 08, 2018 R 514.10
Liisa Geniet die swem! Volgende jaar swem ek weer saam! Feb 08, 2018 USD $ 33.22
Teddy Hugger Go make that difference! Feb 07, 2018 R 51.41
Jo & Michelle Cilliers Wishing everyone a fast warm swim! Feb 07, 2018 R 514.10
Wimpie Well done champ! Feb 07, 2018 R 154.23
Robert McClughan A wonderful project Feb 07, 2018 R 2 570.50
HannesNolan Happy to contribute Feb 07, 2018 R 1 010.00
Elize Keep on rocking!! Feb 07, 2018 R 1 028.20
Plani,Laidler Fleishman,Sklaar Physiotherapists our practice is thrilled to support this good cause! Feb 07, 2018 R 2 010.00
Arthur Looking forward to swim with my buddies Feb 07, 2018 R 514.10
Oracle Stephan “Il Pastore” Cilliers, fluid runnings Brother. Feb 06, 2018 USD $ 20.00
Anzel Armas Midmar Donation, Lee en Anzel Feb 05, 2018 R 1 028.20
Tracy Wonderful cause....thank you x Feb 04, 2018 R 514.10
Capetown Jo Let your kindness change the world, don’t let the world change your kindess. Feb 03, 2018 R 1 028.20
Number 7 Deon you guys are doing a sterling job, keep it up..... Feb 01, 2018 R 200.00
Armas For the broken kids Feb 01, 2018 R 2 056.40
TFR Ondersteuner Geniet die swem - weet dit maak 'n verskil Feb 01, 2018 R 310.00
Alletta Ferreira Roncal Sterkte! Goeie doel! Jan 31, 2018 USD $ 97.51
Carol Rose keep up great service Jan 31, 2018 USD $ 20.89
Johan Odendaal Good luck Jan 30, 2018 R 510.00
Maggie Pringle Dankie vir al julle harde werk. Jan 30, 2018 R 500.00
Darren Bibby Good luck Arthur. God bless Jan 30, 2018 R 210.00
Anriette Go Arthur go!! Jan 29, 2018 R 1 010.00
Anoniem Baie sterkte julle, julle swem vir 'n goeie doel! Jan 29, 2018 R 2 056.40
OPSI Systems All the best for a great cause. Jan 29, 2018 R 1 028.20
E.Parker Well done. Jan 29, 2018 R 510.00
Tannies by die Kerk Sterkte met die swem! Jan 29, 2018 R 220.00
Nico Minnaar Sterkte met Midmar Deon van Niekerk en span Jan 27, 2018 R 1 028.20
Deon Putting MY money where my mouth is. Go Team Fortissimo! Such an honour to swim with you!! Jan 26, 2018 R 514.10
Robbie On behalf of Pastor Stephan Jan 22, 2018 R 205.64
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Donations to date

R 30 485.42

Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

The Teddy Bear Foundation for Abused Children

The Teddy Bear Foundation for Abused Children Logo

The Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children (TTBC) originated in 1986 in response to an urgent need for medical examinations for sexually abused children. From there it has grown into a fully fledged service for abused children which includes: Forensic medical examinations, forensic assessments, counseling, psychological testing and more recently a diversion programme for youth sexual offenders. As an NGO, our concern is not only to support children and families affected by abuse but also to promote: “CHILD ABUSE NO MORE”.