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Mikhulu Nzimande

Mikhulu Nzimande

Personal message

My name is Claitas Nzimande. I live in a rural area of Pietermaritzburg in Kwazulu Natal. I am fundraising for my 4-year-old son Mikhulu Nzimande who was diagnosed with autism.

It affected my family and community very much because autism is a new thing to us and we have never had of it before.
I am fundraising for stem cell treatment therapy for my son in India where is done by Neurogen.

We are so frustrated and depressed as parents, the more he grows up the more challenges we have. He is non verbal, does not take commands, does not eat hard food, is very energetic and sleeps only 5 hours only a night, and there is no special school for him in my area. The few special schools in Pietermaritzburg are far from my home (about 60km) and are very expensive. I take turns with my wife to take care of him at night while is playing till he goes to bed normally at 24:00am. We get so tired sometimes I cannot go to work. Your assistance will be much appreciated.

The Neurogen package includes stem cell treatment, food, accommodation for both parents and a child, speech therapy, occupation therapy and training parents for post stem cell treatment.

The impact of donations will be huge, it will reduce the depression and stress we have, if the stemcell treatment has a positive effect, my son will be back to the normal life and be independent, be able to go to normal school, play with his two brothers, be treated by my community as normal person, able to talk and laugh with his parents.

When he was 2 years 5 months we took him to a doctor as we were worried about his hearing. However, the doctor told us his hearing is fine but he said the boy is showing signs of autism.

We have been going to a government hospital seeing neurosurgeon, occupational therapist, speech therapist and physiotherapist and the various reports indicate our son is definitely autistic. His behaviour is getting worse as he grows up, he sleeps only about 5 hours at night, is very energetic, nonverbal, he doesn’t eat hard foods, cries a lot, and is still in nappies. We asked several special schools whether they would be able to take him for schooling, however, these are very expensive and he must be off wearing nappies completely.

A friend of mine invited me to a seminar by Dr Alok Sharma from India, held his sermon on 24 August 2019 at Victoria Country Club in Pietermaritzburg SA, which I attended. This doctor has introduced a stem cell treatment for persons suffering from autism and he indicated to the audience how autism patients improve after the stem cell therapy. It was very interesting and encouraging and has ignited hope that we had lost for a cure for our child.

Our main challenge is that the stem cell therapy is only performed in India and involves treatment over 7 days. The whole process including air flights, stem cell therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, and accommodation for the child and two parents’ costs stands at the moment at R105 000.00.

We are hoping that funds can be raised or sponsorship obtained to make the treatment possible and an opportunity for our child to be healed to develop as a normal child would.

I will appreciate any amount of donation and it will make a huge difference to my family, my son, and community.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 105 000.00

Mikhulu Nzimande Treatment Cause

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Claitas Nzimande from Pietermaritzburg is fundraising for his 4-year-old son Mikhulu Nzimande, who IS diagnosed with autism. He hopes to raise funds to take Mikhulu to Neurogen in India for stem cell treatment therapy.