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Personal message

Mina turns 4 on the 27th May. In celebration of Mina's birthday and Global Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28th May, the Mina Foundation is donating 100 x Mina menstrual cups to Reclaimers and Waste Pickers who spend their days in our waste.

We are pleading to public to help us raise more to reach more. 

PERIODS DO NOT GO ON LOCKDOWN-Women's Rights are Human Rights! -Break the Silence on Periods ” Periods are not a Luxury"

Mina is a small silicone menstrual cup that is changing lives. She is used by today's modern woman as an alternative for pads and tampons in various countries around the world.

Mina collects up to three times more fluid than a tampon. She is a friend you can count on, eco friendly, non toxic, non porous and a safe and hygienic way of managing periods.

This initiative allows us to change stories and re-write the destiny of our future leaders. By MINApowering our girls & women we are not just contributing to their lives and their communities but also to our environment.

Any amount will impact the lives of those in need and assist us in ending taboos attached to menstrual health. Mina has benefitted 60 000 beneficiaries so far, help us reach another 60 000 this year. 

1 x Mina cup costs R150  and ensures that a beneficiary will be period- stress free for 5 years. 




  • Jun 02, 2020 - R 5 012.00
  • "

    A vital cause

    " - Ariane Heneck

  • Jun 01, 2020 - R 315.00
  • "Thank you for helping our women to the very basic human right of having a hygienic period " - Anonymous

  • May 29, 2020 - R 315.00
  • "Such an amazing initiative, thank you!! " - Jacqueline Dhaeyere

  • May 28, 2020 - R 210.00
  • "Courageous work being done by amazing people for the empowerment of our women and girls " - Orly

  • May 28, 2020 - R 525.00
  • "Passionate about the girl child." - Tswaledi M

  • May 28, 2020 - R 315.00
  • "Hope this makes your days a little more carefree" - flammaefata

  • May 27, 2020 - R 315.00
  • "Thanks for creating this!" - Helen Dagut

  • May 26, 2020 - R 157.50
  • "Being a women should not be a disability. " - Kirsten Bray

  • May 25, 2020 - R 525.00
  • "Thank you for all that you do" - Kavitha Glenister

  • May 22, 2020 - R 525.00
  • "What a wonderful initiative!" - Bronwen Goldby

  • May 22, 2020 - R 1 260.00
  • "What a great idea to help those burdened with so many challenges. Well done. Good luck." - Elsa Young

  • May 21, 2020 - USD $ 12.66
  • "Giving is not just making a donation but making a difference." - Anonymous

  • May 21, 2020 - USD $ 29.27
  • "So proud of this work... congratulations to you all and what you are accomplishing for women." - Brigitte Hennech

  • May 18, 2020 - R 262.50
  • "A perfect way to support our young girls and our environment " - Jeni Visser

  • May 17, 2020 - USD $ 263.75
  • "With love and health " - Sara

  • May 12, 2020 - R 210.00

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Donations to date

R 15 606.48

Fundraising target

R 15 000.00

Mina Foundation

Mina Foundation Logo

The Mina Foundation was founded by 3 dynamic women on a mission to transform the lives of young girls and women and to raise awareness that the menstrual cup is a safe , cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to manage menstrual hygiene .

Meet Mina..

a small silicone cup that is changing lives. She is smart and confident and her circumstances do not define her.

Proudly South African, an African Leader and Global Ambassador,

she is made out of 100% medical grade silicone,

she is biocompatible, non-toxic and non-porous,

she is leakfree when inserted correctly,

she is sporty and safe to sleep with,

she collects up to 3 x more fluid than tampons

she is re-usable for up to 5 years

she is comfy and easy to use

Mina is a friend you can count on.


This initiative allows us to change stories and re-write the destiny of our future leaders.

By MINApowering our girls & women we are contributing to their lives and their communities

Join the Mina movement !!!