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Your one rand, my hope

Your one rand, my hope

Personal message

I was raised in Nongoma by a single parent which is my mother. My father abandoned me when I was a toddler. I grew up in an extended family and my mother was a breadwinner of about 14 family members after my grandparents passed away. From an early age, I was a promising child, having a dream of becoming an actuary. I was so dedicated and passionate, I was always hungry to learn new things every day. 

In my grade 9 to 10 I was the captain of school chess and a member of RLC. Unfortunately, in grade 11 I was suffering from eczema and that disturbed me a lot in my academic life because I was forced to stay home until I recovered which took away my 2 years. In contrast, I continued with my studies and matriculated at the top of my class and being the first learner of my high school to obtain level 7 of physical science 92% in a rural school. I took a gap year and assisted my former high school in physical science volunteering. 2020 I was blessed to get the bursary from SAADP to sponsor me to pursue actuarial science at the university of Pretoria at an age of 23 years.

Unluckily, COVID 19 happened but in my first semester, I managed to obtain three distinctions which include economic and financial managements bare in mind I had not seen such subjects until then. But obstacles keep increasing, I started my second semester at home then the recipe for disaster started. My signal was poor which led me to not finishing my tests on time then I relocated to student residence but towards the end of the semester. Unfortunate I failed three of my modules and passed one with distinction out of seven modules so I lost my bursary. 

I am here today asking for your help to fund my accommodation so that I can get early in residence and prevent what happened last semester. Actuary is my focus point ever since, if I can give up on it I do not know what should I do. No obstacle can prevent me from being one except financials, and I kneeling, begging you to help me out. Your one rand can do a change in my life, family, community and South Africa as a whole.

I thank your kindness for reading my story up to the end I hope it will shake you and lend me your hand. 


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Fundraising target

R 88 000.00

Mlungisi Mncwango Education Cause

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I hope my message will find you well. I am Mlungisi Happyboy Siyanda Mncwango, 24 years old fundraising for myself.  I am here today asking for your help to fund my accommodation so that I can get early in residence.