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Music & Memories for Dementia

Music & Memories for Dementia

Personal message

Have you ever tried to speak to someone you love and cherish but there is no response or if there is, you have no idea of what they are trying to say or even if they understand you?, Well that’s how it feels when you are dealing with someone who suffers with Dementia! You feel totally helpless and inadequate, desperate and utterly forlorn.

These were the emotions flung upon me as the reality of Dementia hit hard and after failing to see or realise the symptoms that had started to ravage my poor mom. The painful trips to the home where she was housed in what they call the “Waiting to Die” ward. The feeling of utter despair on leaving and being told “Don’t worry she won’t know you were here in 5 minutes!”  
How could this be possible? Surely she knows? And if she does, she can’t explain herself. What if she’s screaming at me “Let me out of here!” “Why are you doing this to me?”  
I had no idea! No support! No knowledge! Wow that could be me in later years!!
It was during a visit on her birthday when my daughter decided to sing “Somewhere over the rainbow” to her.

To my surprise the older lady whom I have never heard talk or move in fact, lifted her head and sang with my daughter! She knew all the words and tears were rolling down all our faces. What was more surprising was that the old lady remained in a state of conversation (albeit slightly jumbled) and we managed to talk to her and it was then that I realised that the music must have triggered something in her mind! According to the people in the know, music acts as a very important trigger to parts of the memory!

It was this fact that prompted me to do a musical revue in July 2018 called PURELY SOUTH AFRICAN using old south African hits from way back that would jolt the memories of the patrons and raise awareness of the plight of the aged in the welfare homes of the C.P.O.A. and the importance of MUSIC & MEMORIES. As the saying goes…” One song releases a thousand memories”.

Arising from this revue was a meeting with Dr Alice Ashwell (Dementia Connections) and a visit to one welfare home in Lotus river. At this meeting we discussed the importance of “STRUCTURED” musical therapy to assist with the comfort and possible retardation or slowing down of this horrible disease. What became increasing obvious was the lack of proper facilities as it just doesn’t work to sit everyone in a room and leave them there to listen to music.

It was suggested that we then raise funds through “BackaBuddy” to create the correct facility at the  Lotus River Welfare home for the Aged, as well and funding the training of care staff through Dementia SA and SA Alzheimer’s Association . Let’s assist this drive to provide these poor aged people who have given their youth to our country and are now left, forgotten.

Let’s give these people the facilities to live out their final years with the happiness and dignity they so deserve!

                In Loving memory of my dearly departed Mother…..Shelagh Bolton 1933-2018


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  • "

    What a very worthy cause. Share to gain more awareness and hopefully you will reach your target.

    " - Anonymous

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  • "In loving memory of Marlene da Silva, she absolutely loved music and dancing" - Jeff Cullis

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  • "I used my years savings and to challenge all other 7 year olds......and I love my granny." - Skyla Coetzee

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  • "In memory of my very dear mum, Elizabeth. Music was her gift." - Alice

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  • "To my dear Granny. May she Rest In Peace." - Paige

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  • "Love you forever Mom!" - Ingrid Botha

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  • "Lolly, Jono and Tracey. " - Sheila Bolton

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  • "This venture will really help improve quality of life" - Anonymous

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  • "xxx" - Shelagh Rosenwerth

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  • "Lovely cause & concept" - D

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  • "What a splendid thought????" - Anonymous

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