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Help with day to day expenses

Help with day to day expenses

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Personal message

Hello everyone
My name is Mohammad Sah'l Khan, i am creating this campaign as i am in desperate need of help. 
I have been put off from work due to the disease affecting the poultry farms nationwide. 
I generally get paid on a daily basis due to which i am able to support my family daily. 
In this entire situation i am not going to be receiving an income for a period of almost 2 weeks. 
There is no certainty regarding whether i will be called back to work after 2 weeks or if i will have to stay at home until called back. 
I am in desperate need of assistance just so i can support my family for the remainder of this month. 
In the interim i am currently looking for other employment opportunities which will help me in the event that i am not called back to work. 
I would appreciate any help possible. 

Thank you so much 


Fundraising target

R 2 500.00

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Help with day to day expenses Campaign