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Riding the Mongol Derby to feed 365 children for 365 days.

Riding the Mongol Derby to feed 365 children for 365 days.

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Help Simon Pearse feed 365 children for 365 days…

1 out of 5 children in South Africa are malnourished. This is a worrying reality: malnutrition has been listed as the most common preventable cause of mental impairment worldwide.

Malnourishment can rob South Africa's youth of their potential.  For only R1.50, we can provide an underprivileged and malnourished child with a wholesome and satisfying meal. 

This year I will be riding the Mongol Derby to raise funds for the FUTURELIFE® Foundation, an organisation which feeds thousands of destitute and malnourished children with FUTURELIFE® food. These regular, highly nutritious meals have a hugely positive impact on children's physical and mental development. In fact, FUTURELIFE® is so nutritious that I will be taking it as my food of choice for this extreme endurance event.

My goal is to raise R200 000. With this amount, we can provide 365 malnourished children with a healthy meal every day for 365 days.

In order to raise this money, I will be embarking on what the Guinness Book of World Records calls the longest equestrian race in the world. The Mongol Derby is a physically and mentally exhausting event. Yet, despite the high chance of broken bones, torn ligaments and extreme exhaustion, I am determined to finish, as every kilometre completed will raise money for the FUTURELIFE® Foundation, a charity I have supported since 2008.

The 2015 Mongol Derby will run from 5th – 16th August. For more information, visit the Mongol Derby website:

Follow my Facebook page for daily updates on my training and my progress during the race:

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Name Comment Date Amount
Peter and Susan Blessing Well done Simon - a great achievement! Sep 19, 2015 USD $ 301.00
Dermot Butler Well done Simon, Dermot & Vicky Butler Aug 28, 2015 USD $ 320.72
John Gilchrist Well done Simon - both for completing this gruelling event, but also for raising the money for such a worthy cause! Aug 28, 2015 R 1 000.00
Sanni Rahe All the best! Aug 24, 2015 USD $ 80.18
Simon Pearse Riding 1000 km in 10 days to feed SA's children. Check! And to celebrate, I'm donating R10 for every kilometre I completed. Aug 24, 2015 R 10 000.00
Roy Falconer Well done to you Simon! Aug 22, 2015 R 200.00
Marriott Asset Management Well done on a great achievement! We are very proud of you. From Marriott Aug 21, 2015 R 1 500.00
"Sani Rats" Congratulations from all the chaps, well done Si Aug 20, 2015 R 3 500.00
SA Home Loans Congratulations on this superhuman effort Simon Aug 18, 2015 R 5 000.00
clinton cockerell good luck Si Aug 18, 2015 R 1 000.00
Gavin Wilkinson all the best with horsepower Si Aug 18, 2015 R 1 010.00
Di Well done Simon! But a girl beat you...... :-) Aug 17, 2015 R 2 000.00
Future Life Health Products Congratulations Aug 17, 2015 R 20 010.00
Ali & Ted Willcox Well done! Aug 17, 2015 R 205.00
Jane Well done. Great effort Aug 14, 2015 R 512.50
Jane and Craig Well done Si, what an epic adventure! Aug 14, 2015 USD $ 82.29
Tracey Hansen-Louw Good Luck Simon, stay in one piece Aug 14, 2015 USD $ 78.00
Jo You are a true inspiration of living a life courage and adventure Aug 14, 2015 R 512.50
Baker Tilly Partners & Staff All the best on your mammoth ride Aug 13, 2015 R 510.00
Baker Tilly Partners & Staff Good luck on your ride Aug 13, 2015 R 1 010.00
Yahya / Zameera What a worthy cause - all the best for a safe ride Aug 12, 2015 R 510.00
John VH Do NOT break a leg (or a rib)! Aug 11, 2015 R 1 010.00
Ken & Nollaig Awesome, Si, we are loving tracking your progess, best of luck and stay safe from Ireland Aug 11, 2015 USD $ 248.98
David Polkinghorne What a massive undertaking - Good luck!! Aug 07, 2015 R 1 025.00
Allardice Just remember, you're FINE! Aug 07, 2015 USD $ 79.00
Mike all the best partner, stay upright!!! Aug 06, 2015 R 205.00
Marco and Oana Capellini Good luck from Italy and Romania - Marco, Oana, Alexia and Leonard Capellini Aug 06, 2015 R 7 180.00
Alice Pearse I hope to be at least half as awesome as you when I grow up. Aug 06, 2015 USD $ 16.88
Richard and Natasha Stay safe during your epic adventure. Remember Si age is a state of mind, unless you break something. Aug 05, 2015 R 200.00
Patrick Falconer Simon go well for a worthy cause!!! Aug 03, 2015 R 5 000.00
Matt & Ros Best wishes from NI. May the GPS take you on the best route. Aug 03, 2015 R 1 000.00
Areshna Ananth "An awesome ride for Humanity - Great Job !! " Aug 03, 2015 R 200.00
Marcus All the best wishes for a safe ride Simon. Aug 01, 2015 R 1 000.00
Joan and Mike Best of luck from two Chartwell residents Jul 31, 2015 R 500.00
Barbara Enjoy getting lost in the beauty of the country and it's people! Jul 31, 2015 R 500.00
Gidge Norton All the best, 2nd time round should be a breeze! Jul 30, 2015 R 500.00
Craig & Julia Rees Good Luck!!! Jul 28, 2015 R 200.00
Sally & Ian Anderson Good luck Simon and take care of yourself. Jul 28, 2015 R 2 000.00
FIM Capital Best wishes Simon from all of the team at FIM Capital Jul 28, 2015 R 4 000.00
Anne Pearse Ride safe - lots of love - Mom Jul 28, 2015 R 2 000.00
St leger Trodd and Associates May you have a blessed journey Jul 27, 2015 R 500.00
Oz Keep the saddle side up. Ride safe. Jul 27, 2015 R 1 000.00
Robin Hartslief Good luck Simon Jul 26, 2015 R 350.00
the Bate Family Hang on for dear life Simon and you should make it home in one piece! We are very envious of your adventure. Good luck!! Jul 23, 2015 R 2 000.00
Robin & Judy James Good luck Simon – it will be an amazing adventure Jul 21, 2015 R 3 000.00
Hannelore from Germany Viel Glueck Dir, Simon Jul 20, 2015 R 500.00
Lindley Mortimer Best of luck Simon. Bruce and James Jul 20, 2015 R 5 000.00
Ingrid Best of luck Simon! What a great cause and we will be rooting for you all the way here from Denmark! Jul 16, 2015 R 1 000.00
Lindsey Purser Good luck Simon! Jul 14, 2015 R 500.00
Geard Have a blast Simon! Jul 13, 2015 R 1 000.00
Arlington with our very best wishes, it looks awesome Jul 13, 2015 R 2 000.00
Gaby Good luck Simon. Will be following you in your trip. Take care of yourself.. Jul 13, 2015 R 1 000.00
Scott Good luck! Try to make it back in one piece... Jul 13, 2015 R 456.78
Sequelprops All the very best Si, we know you can do it, twice! Jul 13, 2015 R 4 000.00
Michael & Keika Coombs A great cause Simon. Best of luck. Jul 11, 2015 USD $ 241.00
Paul Jensen Your a rock star and inspiration to us all - good luck n ride well Jul 10, 2015 R 1 000.00
Nothards We will be watching your progress. Ride for those hungry kids, they are depending on you. Jul 10, 2015 R 10 000.00
Dave Elliott Good luck Simon! Jul 10, 2015 R 1 000.00
chantal kippen a true inspiration Jul 10, 2015 R 200.00
Mark and Olivia Taylor You can hone your overtone throat singing around the Mongol camp fires! Jul 10, 2015 USD $ 81.00
Rob Lovemore Simon, you make it and I'll refund your R1000 - at the pub! Jul 10, 2015 R 1 500.00
Daisy Naidoo Good luck Jul 10, 2015 R 1 000.00
Simon Pearse Bla bla Jul 03, 2015 R 1 000.00
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Donations to date

R 217 245.76

Fundraising target

R 200 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 84 495.00

Futurelife Foundation Trust

Futurelife Foundation Trust Logo

Futurelife Health Products started feeding schemes for orphans and vulnerable children in 2008. The Foundation was formalized in 2014 to expand the outreach programme to more communities in need. We are an independent Trust with 6 volunteering trustees from all professions and walks of life. 

We mainly support Early Childhood Development and have 2000 children on our daily feeding programme at present. We address the following needs of these destitute children: nutrition, physical education and mental stimulation. The ECD centres on our program receive 2 Futurelife meals per child a day, a playground, a mobile library and a foldable desk which they can take home. 

According to UNICEF, children aged 0-7 years are worst affected by poverty and malnutrition in RSA. Poor health is recognized to be a barrier to any education. Improving micronutrient status through food fortification as in Unity Meal, particularly with iron, B-vitamins, vitamin A and iodine, contributes directly to enhanced cognition and learning capacities.