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Where there's life, there's hope

Where there's life, there's hope

Personal message

I have already done the research on the chosen courses, location, dates, duration, career paths and costs.  While these courses are affordable, I am a mom to 2 young children, so the money that I would've used for my studies, needs to be directed at my children instead.  Funding would help me to obtain my goal faster.

The inspiration behind this plea is quite a touching one, not to mention multifaceted.  I have always dreamed of becoming a Counsellor and I made a promise to myself when I left school that I would do anything in my power to help others and try to change communities.  I have worked with and met community members who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses, and they live in the most horrendous, unimaginable poverty.  While they have access to clinics for free health care, many lack the services of Counsellors.  These individuals also need somebody to talk to.  Somebody that hears, not just listens.  They need to feel appreciated and that somebody cares about them, their family and their well-being.  This is truly a passion of mine and the thought of positively impacting somebody's life makes me so emotional, in a happy way. 

On a personal note, I recently watched my grandfather pass away from cancer.  It was my first experience of death and trauma, and it was incredibly gruesome.  I struggled to deal with his passing, and often find myself replaying those last moments.  What I needed was somebody to talk to, but not somebody that'll just listen, somebody that truly heard me and felt true, honest empathy for me, and who actively participated in my feelings, my state of mind, and towards my recovery.  I believe that this is my calling.

The first 3 mandatory courses that I am required to take in order to become a Counsellor starts on the 7th of October and ends on the 13th of November 2019.  An additional course that I believe will add great value will start on 25 November - 28th November 2019.  All other courses will only begin in the new year of 2020.  My goal is to be up and running by January 2020, with a few additional courses completed by March 2020.  This comes to R20 190.

Once I earn my qualification, I intend on dedicating time to NGO's to assist community members, and to make contact with Government clinics to offer my services.  I already have obtained the point of contact for many clinics across Cape Town, as well as a few NGO's. 


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 20 190.00

Monique Minne Study Cause

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My name is Monique Minne, I am 32 years old and I live in Table View, Cape Town.  It is my dream to become a Counselor and supoort those most at risk and most in need.  I need your help to make my dream of helping others come true.