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The Nameless Fundraiser

The Nameless Fundraiser

Funds Raised:
R 914
Fundraising Target:
R 125 000

Personal message

Hello, everyone! 

My name is Motheo: Founder & President of the Nameless Film Club. This project started as a way to find filmmakers across the country and has grown into a passion and full time career. Now the objective has become a little more precise: I want to help filmmakers find a place that feels like home. 
What exactly does that mean? 
The Nameless Film Club will be embarking on a journey to build a club house. This house will be a centre for education, for sharing and for research. I have been working closely with clubs and societies in Johannesburg and Cape Town but now the goal is to bring the club to its permanent home: Mahikeng. 
Mahikeng has birthed many successful creatives. She is the Mother of the people (Mmabatho). Due to institutional neglect and mismanagement she has been left destitute.
This fundraiser is dedicated to reviving the Art & Culture industry, specifically that of filmmaking, in Mahikeng NW. For the remainder of the year I will be turning the storage room & garage in my childhood home into a club house. This club house will do the following: 
1. Offer workshops, classes and screenings to educate, support and promote filmmaking for the local filmmaking community in Mahikeng and neighbouring communities. 
2. Build a community that feeds and supports creatives and filmmakers who have not been able to find constant work in Mahikeng and it’s neighbouring communities. 
3. Offer free educational library of resources to encourage creativity, collaboration and community within the North West. 
4. Create opportunities for filmmakers across the country to gather and put Mahikeng back in the creative economy. 
Mahikeng is not dead yet and it’s up to the remaining community to shower her with a little love. Small things make the big things happen. So whatever you contribute will help the club become part of some bigger. Thank you for your time. 💜


  • Oct 08, 2023 - USD $ 54.03 Fees covered
  • "Be blessed." - Anonymous

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Fundraising target

R 125 000.00

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R 913.87

The Nameless Fundraiser Campaign