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Help Me Get My Life Back

Help Me Get My Life Back

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R 15 000

Personal message

I am a 31 year old gent from Gauteng, currently unemployed and have been for a while.  This year has been a stroke of bad luck I lost my business and my home, been couch hopping between friends places while job hunting then recently got robbed on my way home, the robbers went on to wipe my account clean and the bank is not helpful at this point and I can't afford much on my own at the moment. I need help with replacing my ID, getting a licence and writing my CompTIA exams so I can atleast get a better job to afford my own place again. Struggling and worrying about my next move and meal wouy be a thing of the past with a driver's licence and certification. If you can help with anything I will gladly appreciate it, my mental health has taken a hit all year round from constantly moving around and not being able to get employment. Please assist.


Fundraising target

R 15 000.00

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Help Me Get My Life Back Campaign