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Murray Crichton - Tusker Corridor Warrior

Murray Crichton - Tusker Corridor Warrior

Personal message

It is a privilege to be able to explore wild places, undisturbed by man's influence.

The Eden to Addo Corridor is a region that I have had the opportunity to explore on many occasions.

Support the Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative through the Tusker Expedition Ultra Tail Run to enable more people, now and in the future, to share in this amazing place.

----------    About The Tusker    ----------

The Tusker is a 230 mile, non-stop, self-navigated, semi-supported expedition ultra trail run through the Eden To Addo Wildlife Corridor.

#TuskerTough #AfricanUltraRunning

#InTheFootstepsOfGiants #WhereLegendsComeToPlay

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  • Feb 03, 2020 - R 1 542.30
  • "Good luck" - James Crichton

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R 1 500.00

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R 25 000.00

Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative

Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative Logo

THE DREAM: The Eden to Addo vision is based on the practical potential within the landscape connecting the Western and Eastern Cape of South Africa. But this vision is guided by a deeper question and dream: What if we could re-establish ancient elephant migration paths across the Cape, what then? What other wildlife will benefit and how would that restore the ecological balance of the region?