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The Leaners Academy

The Leaners Academy

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Fundraising Target:
R 1 350 000

Personal message

To whom it may concern.

My name is Mvelo Qamata founder and director of Tinashe Learning Centre amongst other two companies i operate in Durban. Mvelo Qamata is a 29 year old ambitious and passionate individual in assisting our youth in the country. I myself had worked for 6 years as a qualified mechanical fitter until i got retrenched and was left to fend for myself. Unlike most young people i was at a advantage when i lost my job because i had already opened up businesses during Covid that were thriving because of its demand during the pandemic. 
My immediate focus is paying it forward, i was also helped by good people to be where i am today and strongly believe i have to keep the cycle going and help those i can reach. I founded a project called The Learners Academy under Tinashe Learning Centre which seeks to help high school students mainly in rural areas and townships get their leaners license and drivers license before leaving grade 12. This is important because in our society there is a lot of formal unemployment and poverty. Not every child gets to go to tertiary level even with good grades due to funding or other issues, we at The Learners Academy are saying let us at least give these kids a tool to put bread on the table. All if not most jobs now require a drivers license as a requirement whether its a police officer job or government posts a license is a requirement. The impact of your funding will mean a great deal to a poor child seeking to put food on the table. Your contribution will not only lower unemployment but alleviate poverty in our society resulting in a more healthier, happier society with less crime and other social problems directly linked to poverty and unemployment. 
These funds will be used to pay for the tutors stipends and transportation costs.
Booking costs for the leaners license and drivers license.
Booking lessons for the driving aspect of the program.
Stationary and other learning materials.
Your assistance will be highly appreciated. Each child we educate has the potential to be a better person tomorrow. Not only do we bring hope in these kids lives but we also motivate and inspire that humanity exists and pray one day they will remember this deed and also pay it forward. 


Fundraising target

R 1 350 000.00

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The Leaners Academy Campaign