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My Drakensberg Boys Choir Dream

My Drakensberg Boys Choir Dream

Personal message

My Name is Isaiah Sky, born ten years ago to Jeremy and Christal Govender. I am no ordinary boy. I am a dreamer. I am courageous and determined. I set my sights on my goals and strive to achieve them.

 Born to a family with musical talents, I grew to love the creative arts. During early 2018, officials from the Drakensburg Boys’ Choir School visited my school in search of potential students. I breezed through the first round of auditions and joined other young and talented boys from around the country, for the second qualification round which comprised of an intense assessment as well as a vocal exam. I met the challenge with confidence, with the support of my endearing mum and dad.

 During June 2018, my parents received confirmation from the school of my acceptance for 2019. This news has made me incredibly happy. Music and creative arts which was merely a past time activity is now an avenue of a purposeful, exciting future. The Drakensburg Boys’ Choir School has 120 students’. The main focus of the school is to cultivate the musical talent in its students. I was one of the 26 students chosen out of 1700 boys that auditioned. I know this is where I belong. The opportunities are endless and the exposure to international avenues are great.

 My parents have done thorough research and have spoken to other parents of the benefits of this fine school which convinces me that I have found my second home.

 I am writing to you to appeal to your kind generosity in contributing towards the fees for the second year of registration. The total fees that my parents are expected to fork out is a sum of R175 000.00 which they do not have. I am determined to work hard and prove that your assistance will not go in vain. You will also be assisting me in achieving my dream and goal. My ultimate goal would be to stay for the full 5 years that my tenure at the school would require.

 I bubble with confidence and hope for a brilliant and rewarding future, one that I will create for those younger than me to role model, one that will make my parents proud, one that will

prove to my generation that dreams are still attainable. In a country full of diversity and talent, I too want to paint my unique color on the rainbow.

 All I need is for you to lift my wings and help me fly.


 I thank you with all my heart for your kindness and generosity.


  • Nov 21, 2018 - R 514.10
  • "THe sky is the limit i wish you all the best in your future. " - Adelia Myles

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During early 2018, officials from the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir visited my school in search of potential talented students.
During June 2018, my parents received confirmation from the school of my acceptance for 2019.