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Myburgh family

Myburgh family

Personal message

My name is Onita Swart. I am 52 years old and live in the Northern Suburbs in Cape Town. I am a member of the His Blood Warriors biker ministry club and also attend the Western Cape Bikers Church, Blackheath where I met Elmarie and her family about 2 years ago.

Late in 2018, Elmarie and her husband, Adriaan (Attie), were tragically involved in a motorcycle accident. Husband and wife (who have two teenage sons) were both left hospitalised for many months.

Fortunately, Attie recovered and he is doing well. Unfortunately, Elmarie is not recovering as well as hoped for. In the accident, she fractured her leg and after months of trying everything, the leg is just not attaching the way it should.

The final choice given by wonderful surgeons is between amputation and artificial implants for her to be pain-free and mobile. I don't think anyone would easily consider amputation unless there is no other way.

Unfortunately, artificial implants are going to cost in the region of R106 500 (of which their medical aid is willing to cover a mere R15 177). As you can imagine, the past 7+ months has taken its toll on their finances and they are about R90 000 short for Elmarie's miracle. I added an additional R10 000 to the requested amount for other medical incidentals to make it a round R100 000.

Ideally, we would need to raise this money as soon as possible and preferably by the end of September 2019. At this stage, it is not 100% known what else will be needed. The full R100 000 we are hoping for, will be used purely towards the costs of the surgical implants and other medical costs.

Your donation will help Elmarie get back on both her legs to serve her community and family as she has done before.


  • Elmarie my lief, vanoggend is jy in teater toe vir hopelik die laaste operasie op jou been.
    Ek weet dit was nie vir ons maklik die laaste 9 maande sedert die bike ongeluk nie.
    Wat ek wel weet is dat ons 'n God dien wat lewe en wonders doen, net soos jy vandag jou wonderwerk gaan kry.
    Ek weet ook dat ons awesome vriende en familie het wat 100% agter ons staan.
    Ons het ons pragtige 2 seuns en ons het mekaar.
    Bokka ek is baie lief vir jou en ek WEET dat dit vandag goed sal gaan met jou.
    Baie dankie aan elkeen se ondersteuning tot dusver.

*Funds raised will be directed to the medical professionals responsible for doing the operation and any medically related expenses*


  • May 21, 2020 - USD $ 36.38
  • "Good luck, hope you get more donations." - Lucy

  • Aug 06, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "Never stop praying. X" - Anonymous

  • Aug 06, 2019 - USD $ 200.00
  • "I hope it will help....the thoughts of a lot of people are with you" - Christian

  • Aug 06, 2019 - R 500.00
  • "A little step closer, to getting elmarie to take little steps" - Tate

  • Jul 08, 2019 - R 101.50
  • "LLHR" - Coleen

  • Jul 05, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "LLHR. " - Brett

  • Jul 04, 2019 - R 100.00
  • "Word gou gesond God bless" - Dina (Liefie)

  • Jul 01, 2019 - R 1 000.00
  • "Ons spreek volkome genesing in Jesus naam. " - Anonymous

  • Jun 30, 2019 - USD $ 14.20
  • "Love, light and lots of prayers!" - Dawn & Martin

  • Jun 29, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "Julle Sal weer Bo uit kom... Sterkte en dink aan julle. " - Ernest & Muis

  • Jun 29, 2019 - USD $ 35.50
  • "Hope you get better soon" - Mandy Smith

  • Jun 28, 2019 - R 308.46
  • "Baie sterkte. Mag die donasies instroom" - Anonymous

  • Jun 27, 2019 - USD $ 7.03
  • "LLHR" - Panda

  • Jun 27, 2019 - USD $ 21.09
  • "Sterkte aan julle" - Corne and Annette

  • Jun 27, 2019 - R 203.00
  • "Jy is in my gedagtes en Gebede, gou gesond word." - Anonymous

  • Jun 27, 2019 - R 203.00
  • "Pray for full recovery" - Anonymous

  • Jun 27, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "Just a drop in the bucket, but here is praying for many more drops" - Onita Swart

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Donations to date

R 7 929.20

Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Elmarie Myburgh Medical Cause

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Onita Swart (52) from Cape Town is raising funds for Elmarie Myburgh who was tragically involved in a motorcycle accident with her husband and needs medical care.