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Selfless daughter & son-in-law

Selfless daughter & son-in-law

Personal message

My name is Trish Obrien. I am the mother of Natasha Van Staden. Natasha is married to a supportive man with whom she has 3 beautiful children.

They have landed on very hard times and her husband, Pieter, had been laid off when the company he worked at closed down. They stay in a 3x6 Wendy house in a caravan park in Fish Hoek.

I would love to see them out of this place as the environment is not a place for children to grow up in. They need a break in life where her husband can get good employment and for them to live in a small house or flat with a yard, where the rent is not exorbitant.

Pieter is very good with his hands and he just needs someone to lead him to a good job in construction or a good paying job in security.

The funds would be used as follows:
- Deposit on a place
- 5% to King of Kings Baptist Church.

Reaching the target or coming close to it would mean they have enough for a deposit on a place to rent.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

Natasha Van Staden House Cause

Natasha Van Staden House Cause Logo

Trish Obrien is raising funds for her daughter and her son-in-law, Natasha and Pieter. They are currently staying in a wendy house in a caravan park in Fish Hoek with their 3 children. This is not ideal, and Trish would like to raise funds for a deposit on a place to rent.