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Support for Nerina

Support for Nerina

Personal message

My name is Christel Kloppers and I have set up this campaign for Nerina Freeman (63) from Pretoria who I have recently come to know very well. Nerina has MS and we are raising funds to cover her medical expenses and a visit to Cape Town.

Nerina's struggle with her health started in her 20's with infertility, after which she tried and failed numerous times with In Vitro Treatment. At 32 she fell pregnant naturally with her first daughter and surprisingly fell pregnant naturally again 2 years later with twins, her two youngest daughters.

Shortly thereafter she found a lump in her breast and was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. She received chemotherapy and radiation, as well as a double mastectomy- all whilst being a loving and caring mother to her 3 daughters.

Whilst being in remission for 10 years, she experienced numbness in her left leg, fatigue and impaired coordination- she was diagnosed with MS. She received cortisone treatment, which allowed her to continue her preschool teaching career for 12 more years. In 2015 she retired, as her mobility started to decline and she could not keep up with the rigors of being a school teacher.

During all of this her loving husband supported her emotionally, financially and physically, as well as her three adult children. They are a very close nit unit, and can hardly find them being apart from each other. Unfortunately Nerina's husband passed away very suddenly from a heart embolism on the 14th of November 2015. During all of this, the family has remained extremely close, however Nerina's health did decline severely after the shock of her husband's death.

Nerina Today:
She is currently in a wheelchair, and her medical expenses increase rapidly as she needs more care, leaving little time to enjoy life. She needs a full time caretaker to help with daily living, as her three daughters work full time. She is nonetheless a wonderful grandmother to two energetic grandsons.

Nerina's Wishes / where the funds will go to:
- Medical expenses
- Traveling Europe and visiting Cape Town (which will entail hiring and paying for caretakers, accommodation, extra money for incase medical assistance is needed) 

Care Taker per month amounts to +- R13 475 / 2= R6 737.50
Medical aid per month R5400
Flight Ticket for Nerina +- R10 315 (from Travelstart, for the month of August 2019)
Flight Ticket for caretaker +- R10 315 ( from Travelstart, for the month of August 2019)
Family will possibly join, but on their own expense
Cost per day, for 2 persons in Europe (including food, transport and accommodation) R3600 x 12 = R43 000

AMOUNTS TO R75 767.50

We are looking at the possibility of using the rest of the money to cover her monthly expenses for 6 months, as Nerina's medical aid does not cover her care taker that is needed daily. The care taker costs will roughly amount to R80 850 for six months.

It all then comes down to R156 617.50

*BackaBuddy will administer funds raised directly to the relevant institutions, where possible*


  • May 29, 2019 - R 200.00
  • "Met baie liefde van Marius en Cindi. " - Marius

  • May 28, 2019 - USD $ 80.00
  • "All the best Nerina" - Tony and Alta Head

  • May 27, 2019 - R 50.00
  • "We love you! " - T

  • May 26, 2019 - R 1 000.00
  • "Hi julle :-) Ek hoop genoeg mense backthisbuddy om hierdie drome waar te maak!! " - Rinet

  • May 26, 2019 - R 200.00
  • "My ma sou ook wou help, as sy nog hier was. Sterkte, tannie. Xx" - Zandra

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R 2 604.67

Fundraising target

R 200 000.00

Nerina Freeman Medical Cause

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Nerina Freeman (63) from Pretoria is a loving mother and grandmother who is battling MS. We are raising funds to cover her medical expenses and a visit to Cape Town.