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New Year Give Back Challenge

New Year Give Back Challenge

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Give a Home to our Animals- Sterilization and Vaccination Drive

 The Johannesburg SPCA is currently looking for sponsorship in sponsoring our Animals in our Kennels to receive sterilizations, food and accommodation. The target we hoping to reach by end of February is R200 000.00 in order for us to provide much needed services to stray, abandoned and abused animals, and to promote our education across the schools and communities in our area.

The need for the Johannesburg SPCA extending our education to the schools, are seen as ever increasing from last year with the amount of students coming to the Johannesburg SPCA for volunteering and the general need for them to be a part of helping these animals, as well as the their choice for school projects.

Our main focus this year is to ensure that we ask for a helping hand early in this year hoping to secure our mission for this year, and that is to re-home, vaccinate and sterilize animals out there and get an effective handle on the elimination of dog fighting and cruelty to animals and above all focus on our young leaders, looking for education in animal welfare.

In order to run our educational programmes in the schools and communities the Johannesburg SPCA are in full performance to raise awareness and educate all out there the importance and need for support when it comes to all animals. The Johannesburg SPCA, makes every effort to socially give back to the animals throughout all difficulties encountered, as well as to socially give back to the children in our communities and also render education in these areas.

We currently need all the assistance we can get, in reaching out to the schools, young children who finds such joy in learning about the animals up for adoption, and also just caring for them and assisting and learning about the care and wellbeing of all animals.

We have found that many young children needs to be a part of something far greater then themselves, and in many cases have been such comfort for many young children struggling with learning or behavioural problems.

The list of schools we are reaching out to this year is huge, and the Johannesburg SPCA, provides caps and badges, goodies bags for the children. This drive to raise R200 000.00 will not only help the Johannesburg SPCA with the sterilizations, vaccinations, food and re-homing, but will also ensure that the education to the communities and schools are made effectively with positive statistics on the vaccinations and sterilizations provided and the importance  and for this process.

To eliminate the amount of unwanted, stray and abandoned animals daily on our roads and most importantly eradicating the amount of animals bumped daily on our roads and highway, not only inflicting pain and suffering to the animals but to the motorists and their families and children.

We hoping that in reaching out earlier in this New Year, the Johannesburg SPCA will be considered and  the need for your support in 2019.01.02

The Johannesburg SPCA, over the Festive Seasons, has increased amounts of animal neglect and abandonment. With every effort to service the following areas in need, we have found that over the last year or two there has been a sad escalation in the amount of stray, abandoned and injured animals coming in to the Johannesburg SPCA.

This raised a flag for the Johannesburg SPCA to start looking for new ways to implement protective measures , safety and shelters for these animals, however at the same time get to the root of the problem, and that would be educating the schools and communities and get them involved in decreasing this sad statistics which has been increasing daily.



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Fundraising target

R 200 000.00

Johannesburg SPCA

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Animal Welfare provides homes to animals left astray, given up by owners due to circumstances, provides medical treatment and nutrition to all these stray, donated, injured and abandoned animals brought into our care by our Inspectors or members of the public.

Our accountability, commitment, compassion, education, innovation and leadership in this role allows us to secure a future where no animals are left unwanted, alone, mistreated or left without medical care. We encourage responsible animal ownership, to prevent cruelty, physical and mental pain and suffering to any animal.

We promote sterilizations due to the influx of puppies and kittens left astray and mistreated, being passed on from one end to another and not getting the medical treatment they need or the nutrition they need. Above all the love and care they deserve. We encourage consideration, respect and compasssion for all animals and to assist in the enforcement of all laws for the protection of our animals.

The Johannesburg SPCA is here to ensure that high standards of animal care is maintained, by educating the public on animal awareness, protecting our animals from cruelty and suffering and most of all giving them the love, kindness and compassion they deserve.


All that we are and all that we do is due to the support and encouragement from the public and private sectors. We encourage the communities to get involved and assist us in ensuring that animals are protected and safe at all times.

We depend on corporate donatons, sponsorships and bequests to fund our work. All contributions are welcomed to improve and maintain the service we provide to the public, and ultimately to re-home all our animals here at the Johannesburg SPCA. The hours at our Kennels department has been extended to allow the public, hoping that families have more time together here at the Johannesburg SPCA whilst adopting a pet.