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Nicole's Amashova Cycle 4 SNIP

Nicole's Amashova Cycle 4 SNIP

Personal message

Our 12th Amashova Cycle 4 SNIP champion is Nicole Calverley. Nicole is 28, married and a mom to a beautiful daughter. Nicole is part owner of Health World Kloof and specialises in the Quantum, Rife and EMS therapy and treatments. 

Nicole has always been an animal lover and animal activist which has landed her in hot water on many occasions being the voice for our animals. 

Nicole has great passion for horses and horse riding and has been riding since the age of 5. She has always worked with animals on various farms and at home. She loves hiking, biking, jogging and just about anything that allows her to be part of natural surroundings.

By her own admission, Nicole would be a full time animal volunteer if she didnt have to work. To be part of the SNIP team is absolutely fantastic for Nicole and she is willing to do and help wherever she can. Welcome to Team SNIP Nicole. 


  • Oct 02, 2019 - R 51.41
  • "Thank you for always being willing to help out - Health World Client " - Health World Kloof

  • Sep 16, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "A good cause - all the best for Amashova" - Diana Patoir

  • Sep 12, 2019 - R 50.00
  • "Well done for all the wonderful work you guys do" - Heleen Page

  • Sep 12, 2019 - USD $ 20.36
  • "Awesome girl. Sending lots of love the Smith AUS" - The Smith Aus

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Fundraising target

R 4 000.00

Friends of K9 Trust

Friends of K9 Trust Logo

Friends of K9 Trust is a registered NPO 221-862 and PBO 930065418

The Trust launched Operation SNIP (Spay, Neuter, Inoculate Project) in 2019. This initiative aims to sterilise and inoculate as many rural KZN dogs and cats as possible in 2020.

We rely on the public to assist and support us to reduce overpopulation and suffering as well as curb the spread of rabies in KZN. Please HELP us improve animal welfare in rural KZN. 

So far we have SNIPPED 224 cats and dogs in 2019 and hope to get to 366 in 2020 BUT we need your help to continue. 

We can issue Section 18A tax certificates for businesses wishing to donate towards our project.