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Help me escape this hellhole

Help me escape this hellhole

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Hello everyone

I am in need of help to escape my abusive father and stepmother. So, I am an 18 year old female who lost her mother immediately after being born. After that I lived with my grandmother because my father was not part of my life. My grandmother died when I was 10 years and had to look for my father since I had no other family members to turn to. I found him with the help of my neighbours and have been living with him and his wife since.
Everything was kinda okay till they had their first child together when I was 13 and that's when it all started. I started getting sidelined and treated as trash because their heir has been born. Things escalated and I was expected to do everything at home and sometimes I was not allowed to eat with them and only given leftovers. Heck, even my brother didn't even like me infact he also hated me as he grew up. Father lost his job and started drinking heavily and sometimes hit me and stepmother also hits me because everything was my fault, if I didn't enter their lives, they would have at least saved money but it was all wasted on me. Everything is really hard cause I have no one to turn to and I'm really afraid.
Last year I finished high school with a bachelor pass( 8 distinctions) but they weren't allowing me to further my studies. Now I'm trying to gather money to escape here, maybe find a cheap place to rent, apply for varsity and lead a better, violent-free life. Anyone who can help please, every little thing counts.
Sorry for my ranting and thank you for lending me an ear.


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Help me escape this hellhole Campaign