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Pay it forward - Ntsundeni Ndou

Pay it forward - Ntsundeni Ndou

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My philosophy is the saying, "A candle loses nothing by lighting another", and that is why I gladly share my knowledge with others.

As CRET alumni, I have learned that students don't fail because they are not good enough. They fail primarily due to factors like mentality and lack of support and development. 

As I was excelling academically, I learned to share things that were helping me excel with those around me.

CRET has a community work culture and has instilled in me and many others the ethos of giving back. Seeing other CRET students doing something for their community's also encourages one to do the same. 

I am incredibly passionate about student support, which has driven me to give back in many ways, such as facilitating time management workshops, exam preparation sessions, and tutoring others.

Three things have been my priority; my education, personal development, and community involvement. I believe we are inspired to inspire, given to give, and taught to teach.

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  • Oct 18, 2021 - R 500.00
  • "

    Moving forward together.

    " - Vusani Neguyuni

  • Oct 05, 2021 - R 300.00
  • "Someone can make the most out of the least you can give " - Ntsundeni

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Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust

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The Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust’s (CRET) alumni are giving back and paying it forward with an initiative of their own, supporting deserving students just like they were once supported. Now in established careers as a result of the bursary and development support they received from CRET, the alumni have established their own CRET Alumni Fund.

They have contributed and leveraged funding to support three students in university already. Now they have launched a crowdfunding initiative through BackaBuddy to boost the Alumni Fund and to support more students in need.

Donors will be able to make direct donations on CRET’s BackaBuddy page . Additionally, each of CRET’s eight alumni will run their own individual sub-campaigns through their social media channels. 

Raising R1 million will help CRET support at least 6 first year students in 2022.

During a bursary support masterclass held in April this year, it was noted that university retention and pass rates in South Africa are low. Research indicates that 33% of students enrolled in a four-year degree will drop out and less than a third of students manage to complete their tertiary education in the minimum allocated time. The loss of and dropout from learning will continue if active citizenship is not part of the solution to mitigate the challenges faced at all levels of learning.

“It is clear that a bursary for tuition alone is not enough, Chantelle Oosthuizen, CRET Executive Director said.” That is the gap the CRET alumni through the BackaBuddy campaign are hoping to close.  They are working on paying it forward by assisting current beneficiaries with more than just tuition funding but ensuring that other developmental areas of their personal lives and academic careers are nurtured so that they successfully complete their studies or training”, she said.  

Join our alumni on its mission to give back by raising funds for others as others did for them!


Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust is a partner entity of Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation, which implements holistic bursary support and a youth development model. 

CRET implements a holistic bursary support programme that offers students academic and skills development support, career guidance, psycho-social support, soft skills training, and ongoing mentorship to ensure real throughput success.

“This holistic support mitigates the high drop-out rate and guarantees well-rounded graduates who possess key skills to contribute to the economy and society,” Cyril Madiba, Chairperson of CRET’s Alumni Advisory Board said.” “And as this initiative shows,” he added, “CRET also encourages the ethos of ‘giving back’, developing committed civic-minded students.”

For more information, please visit our website