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I am proudly vegan and have a dream to promote veganism in South Africa in a fun and innovative way. But I need your help to make it a reality. 

I will be presenting short courses in veganism in certain cities, starting with Pretoria. The structure of these courses will be as follows:

The duration will be six weeks, with one study module/lesson per week. This will make it easy for even the busiest person to attend.  At the weekly gatherings, attendees will be treated to a plant-based meal and coffee with a plant-milk and vegan biscuits. We will watch a short video by Prof. Clough (founder of CreatureKind), and listen to reading for group discussion.  Hand-outs will be presented to take home, and further reading will be suggested. At the completion of the course, each attendee will receive a printed certificate to proudly display their commitment to a more gentle lifestyle, which can be framed as a motivational reminder.

This course will create awareness with regards to veganism and the importance of adopting plant-based diets and/or vegan lifestyles as our part in saving the planet and ending unnecessary suffering of all animals. We will also focus on farm animals, and touch on veganism from a biblical perspective. Above all, we will be kind, gentle and compassionate in distributing this crucial information.

In order for me to make this a reality, I would like to raise funds for the meals, printing of hand-outs and notes, my own costs for time, traveling and presentation, as well as the marketing of this event.

I am passionate about doing my bit to save the earth and end the suffering of all animals. Will you join me?

Thank you for your interest!

Nymph Kellerman.


  • Feb 08, 2020 - USD $ 10.00
  • "Good luck with your endeavor! I support you 100%" - Ramona Agin

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My name is Nymph Kellerman, I'm a vegan and animal rights activist and want to raise funds to promote veganism in South Africa.  I'm crowdfunding to present short courses in veganism. The Creature Kind church course of Prof. David Clough (professor of Ethical Theology at Chester University UK), is ideal for a starter course in South Africa as the material is easy to understand.