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Orphanage Africa

Orphanage Africa

Personal message

I am Hilary Leong, Chairperson of Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa (ACT Africa)

 Background:Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa (ACT Africa) came from a concept idea that Matthew Mensah created. After many years working with children rescued from child trafficking and abuse and participating in numerous Campaigns and Awareness Marches for Stop Human ttrafficking, Hilary Leong & Matthew Mensah thought of creating a structured organization focusing solely on Child trafficking and gender based violence to combat the rise of this evil in not only South Africa  but across the whole continent. Matthew Mensah created in 2017 the Continental  Stop Trafficking Campaign with the Ministry of  Home Affairs SA which success led to the urge of wanting to implement measurement to stop this horrific rise, Our exposure and passion working with victims of these horrendous violent acts in recent  years coupled with our experience serving as board members of The Karabo Mokoena Foundation aided in the birth of ACT Africa.  Our board comprises of 6 members. Our mission is to save lives through awareness and education in SA and across the continent.

The project we require funding for is Orphanage Africa.

Our motivation is the alarming rate at which Orphanages are filling up due to the Horrendous Atrocities plaguing our continent ie Abuse, Abandonment, Trafficking etc and which is increasing at an alarming rate. The Orphanages cannot cope with the influx in every aspect.

The challenge we face is financial in order to get this campaign off the ground.

We decided on crowdfunding after being at an event where we saw the success of crowd funding and also feel that through this medium it brings about the much needed support and awareness of the plight out there.

Funds raised will be utilized as per the requirements below:

  • Improvements of and to: structural damage to existing buildings, sleeping and ablution facilities, kitchens and dining areas, exterior landscaping and playground areas, security facilities. Implementation of sustainable gardening.
  • Purchase of a vehicle for the Orphanage.
  • Food packages to last 12 months.
  • Then Skills transfer: educating the leadership on proper financial management, operational management, first aid, sustainable farming and cooking.
  • Lastly Travel costs: Holiday for the children - Accomodation, Economy flights only, Transportation and 3 meals daily.

    The impact of the funds received will enable the documentary to be made and screened across the continent and internationally and through this improve the lives of the children in the Orphanages and also secure them from ending up in child trafficking which is often the next situation if Orphanages in rural areas especially, fails. Will also have an immediate impact as we will be renovating and increasing the quality of living instantly including creating sustainable solutions like home gardens etc.


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  • Oct 30, 2019 - R 100.00
  • "I encourage all to support this cause. Child Trafficking is worsening by the minute and must be stopped. God Bless this organization and their braveness for taking up this fight. " - Norma

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Donations to date

R 100.00

Fundraising target

R 5 000 000.00

Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa (ACT Africa)

Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa (ACT Africa) Logo






- Raise awareness and educate about trafficking.
- Raise awareness and educate about the effect and thereby reducing the number of children being trafficked.
- Children's rights to be made more tangible.
- Address Gender-Based Violence issues, thereby reducing the statistics.
- Provide basic assistance to victims of trafficking & gender-based violence in order for victims to receive further
  referrals in order to cope, heal and overcome these atrocities.
- Create Gender-based violence campaigns on the Boy Child, teaching them about the correct treatment of women
  from an early age.


 - Alleviate poverty which attributes to the high trafficking and gender-based violence statistics.
- Partners with schools by bringing ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines were constructed, and proper health and
  hygiene training and awareness-raising were carried out.
- Encouraging residents to make a concerted effort to minimize their water usage, by recycling water and put to
  use to flush toilets and water plants.
- Work with leading water distributors such as Joburg Water and Rand Water by making people aware of the precious
- Understanding the root cause of domestic violence.
- Creating and promoting life-skills workshops that educate the youth in fighting the scourge of drugs, the dangers of
  abusing alcohol at an early age. And to deal with escalating issues of teenage pregnancies.