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Pupper Ollie

Pupper Ollie

Personal message

On Monday 26 August 2019, Ollie was admitted into puppy care for deadly poisoning. The poisoning had affected most of his internal organs and has caused major damage.

He has been fighting for his life. Fortunately, he has been showing small signs of improvement every day!
Ollie has been on a drip since Monday morning and has undergone multiple blood tests, X-rays and scans daily. Thanks to Lammermoor Vet Clinic, he has been in great caring hands each hour of the day. Every second counts right now, thus funds need to be raised as soon as possible.

He is only 5 months old and definitely deserves the best possible shot at life. With your small contribution, you could help save Ollie's life. Every donation helps.


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 9 000.00

Ollie Vet Bill Cause

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Help Kayleigh raise funds for her puppy, Ollie, who has been admitted to Lammermoor Vet Clinic.