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Pay The Knowledge Forward

Personal message

I have just begun a project I carry a lot of passion for, and although I am doing what I can to rally followers on social media and generate content, I need a website, SEO, and marketing services to put it all together and get it off the ground.

The project I've create as my 'mission' work for this life sees me paying the valuable and useful information I have learnt throughout my life forward so that others can live a happy fulfilling life. I want to inspire people to live authentically, and teach them how to love and respect themselves, and equip them with information that empowers them to believe in themselves so they can create their best life.

Please visit to get a clearer picture of the work I am taking up, or see @theresanotherwaytv on Instagram or YouTube for a profile of the content I'm putting out.



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R 20 000.00