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Peter's Foot Operation

Peter's Foot Operation

Personal message

Peter is 38 years old  – He is healthy, active and no ailments or deceases

His foot started to swell and pain on about 28 December 2017.

Peter first saw a Doctor on the 2nd of January 2018 - he was diagnosed with gout... On the 4th of January he went back to the same doctor, who again treated him for gout.  

On 8 January he visited another doctor at the same practice, who also diagnosed gout.  

On 11 January 2018 we visited another doctor who did blood tests, and the outcome was a very high infection count.  He was in unbearable pain that night, and we decided to go to casualties.  He was then diagnosed with cellulitis. 

The next day a doctor saw him and he was given antibiotics.  On Sunday the pain was still unbearable, swelling of the foot and infection counts raised.  We decided to seek alternative help from another doctor. 

On Monday evening 15 January 2018 a black mark appeared on the foot and we were advised hospital assistance.  Peter's sister and brother helped to fund the fees to be admitted in another hospital (by this time all our money was depleted).

On Tuesday morning, the new doctor changed the antibiotics, and a change could be seen the same afternoon. On the Wednesday morning, the doctor noticed black marks appearing underneath the foot and an emergency operation was called.  The doctor told me that the foot is "rotten" he had to cut away a lot of dead skin and tissue, and that he will have to get another opinion. 

On Saturday, a new operation was done, the same result of "rotten" were given to us.  The doctors called in a wound sister and a VAC machine was put on his foot.  

Peter was discharged a few days later still with the VAC machine on his foot, as we could not afford the hospital stay and theater any more.  Peter went for weekly visits to the doctor to monitor swelling and blood counts.  Due to insufficient funds, doctor agreed to do this procedure at his rooms - this is supposed to be done in theater, because of the pain that goes with it.  Peter managed it somehow :-)

Once the doctor saw that the wound is healing a skin graft was done, although the infection was still present.  The skin graft was a success, but the infection still stayed.  We have tried antibiotics, wound sisters, silver plasters, anything we could do but to no avail.  

Peter was then referred to the specialist who saw him on 17 July.   Because of all the time that went by, the infection has spread to his bone, which can be cured by Lautenbach Irrigation system.  This requires a 4 hour operation and 3 weeks hospital stay, with a 90% success rate, but of course with the cost.... 

If we can not get the money together Peter must opt for amputation to save costs. 

The thought of amputation is heartbreaking and unbearable.  Peter is still young, strong, sportive and hard working. 

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Peter's Foot Operation

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After 7 months of emergency operations and treatment with no success, Peter is now left with an option to try and save his foot or opt for amputation to save costs. There is no medical aid, and a lot of debt has already been made to pay for hospital bills, emergency operations, antibiotics, skin graft ect.