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Help Make Pieter Mobile

Help Make Pieter Mobile

Personal message

My name is Michelle Smith (31) and I live in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga.

I am the former teacher of a beautiful boy named Pieter Botha with Cerebral Palsy. He was in my class for 2 years. After Pieter left my class we stayed in contact (for the past 5 years) as his family lives in the same town and we see each other every other week. We formed this amazing bond that nobody would ever understand the true worth of. That's why I have made it my mission to help Pieter and his family.

Pieta was born at 32 weeks after complications in his mother’s womb. After realizing that his development was slow, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 9 months because his corpus callosum did not develop in full during pregnancy.

At the age of six during 2013/2014, he underwent numerous medical procedures to alleviate his medical condition. He attended countless physio and occupational therapy sessions. He used many wheelchairs and all sorts of equipment, but still, his condition persists. He is now 12 years of age.

Funds are needed for:

Netti CED comfort chair with full dynamic functions and tray. Local pelvic harness, Bodypoint, lap belt, chest harness, and ankle huggers.
R145 741
Rifton standard gait trainer, Large with chest harness and saddle.
HTS Commode system, Medium
Rifton bath chair medium 5-year warranty with calf pad.

Pieter has outgrown his current wheelchair and is getting heavier by the day, and it is getting difficult to handle him. This equipment will make everyday tasks easier for Pieter and his parents.

We do realise that our time frame needs to be realistic. Our main goal is to fund the wheelchair which Pieter desperately needs as he has outgrown his current wheelchair. We would ideally like to reach our goal in 4 months.

Impact of donations: Pieter will fit in his new chair and be more comfortable because he has outgrown his current chair. This new chair will last for 7 - 8 years. It would give Pieter a better quality of life and he will be more mobile.

This equipment will make everyday tasks for Pieter and his parents a bit easier. Pieter will be able to more on his own which will also make him a bit more independent.

These donations and equipment will have an overall positive impact on Pieter, his family and his quality of life.

All the funds will directly be paid into Sitwell's account. The company who supplies the equipment. Our first goal is R 145 741.

If we reach that goal the money will be transferred immediately into Sitwell's account as Pieter urgently needs the new wheelchair. From there on we will keep track of our goals. As soon as the next goal is reached the money will be transferred to the above-mentioned company's account.

*Funds raised will go directly to Sitwell*


  • Jul 26, 2019 - R 110.00
  • "Let us help them to reach their target" - Anonymous

  • Jul 26, 2019 - R 102.82
  • "Every bit helps. Lets donate and help this boy!!" - Anonymous

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Donations to date

R 212.82

Fundraising target

R 145 000.00

Pieter Botha Support Cause

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Michelle Smith (31) from Lydenburg, Mpumalanga is raising funds to support Pieter Botha who is her former student diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.