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Please help us to pay Chase's vet bill

Please help us to pay Chase's vet bill

Personal message

This could have been a fairy tale but sadly it's not. Let me begin the story.

It all begins about 17 years ago. It has been a bad day for Licia. She was coming back from town her car has been crushed by a drunk driver. This young woman, full of life, is now in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

Do you think she has given up ? Well you don't know her  very well. She took her future in hand no matter how difficult it can be sometime.  She even found  time to help a dog shelter, visiting and giving love to all of them.

One day she heard about a broken soul. His name is Chase. He has been so badly abused that he lived for 3 months under a table after his rescue. She didn't give a second thought,  if he gets along with her dog, she will foster him. Chase is not a poodle guys, he is a 40 kgs Pit Bull. And Chase really flourished in her care : gone is the terrified dog not even able to go out for walks .Chase is now happy, full of joy and life, fitting in so well that Licia decided to adopt him

That's where the story was supposed to end but sadly it doesn't.

After a few months, Chase has been very sick. A lot of vet visits, appointment with specialists with such  few results. More tests need to be done but the bills are already over R 15000.000. Licia sadly can't afford this kind of expense. This is why we are asking for help, they really deserve to stay together.

We are hoping that you will find in your heart to help this beautiful woman and her dogs...


  • Feb 09, 2018 - R 60.00
  • "sending him love and hugs and joy and his mommy too. You both so strong stay Blessed." - zee

  • Feb 07, 2018 - USD $ 17.65
  • "Get bettwr" - Sammi

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Chase's vet bill

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Chase was a abused and neglected dog that was rescued by a animal rescue org. His current vet bill is standing at just over R11000 and we estimate will end up around R15 000. Ee did not plan for this and we only want Chase to be healthy, especially after what he has been through.