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Princess Paige

Princess Paige

Personal message

I am Candice Armfield, 31 years old living in Alberton, this fund is to raise money for my daughter Paige who is 4 years old with Cerebral Palsy.

Paige is the light of my life, she was born with a congenital abnormality which has required multiple surgeries. After her second surgery at just 3 months of age Paige contracted a superbug which almost took her life. The complications thereof are what lead to her having cerebral palsy. At the age of 4, she cannot sit unsupported, she cannot talk, feed herself or move around independently in any way. Although she is receiving therapies that the medical aid does pay for, she requires a wheelchair and other adaptive devices to improve her quality of life and enhance her potential in terms of movement, communication and a sense of independence. We want to give her every opportunity to be the best version of herself but unfortunately, monetary constraints are not allowing for that.

There is no specific time frame, simply the sooner the better so that Paige can start using her devices so that there are no further issues.

Paige attends a special needs school and is on medication daily which depletes medical aid funds early in the year thus her monthly expenses make it difficult to purchase adaptive aids for her. The funds will be used to purchase a motorised wheelchair, a new appropriate car seat that supports her back and neck, splints for arms and legs - which are updated as she grows - and hopefully a system to help with communication which includes the use of a laptop/iPad from inclusive solutions.

Any donation will help us provide Paige with everything she needs to function better at school and during her therapies and in everyday life. The seating devices will ensure that she is positioned correctly which will prevent deformities to the hips and spine from developing as she has already had hip surgery, they will also position her in such a way that she is better able to try use her hands to play and perhaps one day learn how to feed herself. We would also love for her to be able to communicate with us in some way as she often cries out of frustration and we cannot understand what it is that she needs.

All donations will be deposited into Paige's bank account which is used solely to save money for her and purchase what she needs in terms of her cerebral palsy treatments.


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Paige Armfield Medical Cause

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Candice Armfield (31) from Alberton is raising funds for her daughter Paige who is 4 years old with Cerebral Palsy.